I read with a putrid feeling of nausea and utter shame a statement credited to the Hon Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of the Federation, Mr Abubakar Malami, wherein he was quoted to have said it was possible that hoodlums dressed in army fatigues could have been responsible for the shootings at Lekki Toll Gate during the recent #EndSARS protests.

Not only was such statement by a legal expert and high ranking government official tasked with unravelling the identities of those behind the unfortunate incident pre-emptive, it also amounts to the brazen and shameless lies coupled with the odious shenanigans of official ‘yes’ men in and around corridors of power in our country.

In a civilized clime, the nation’s number one law maker should have resigned by now. There is no doubt that Mr Malami has already arrived at the outcome of the investigation he is to conduct on the incident even before he and his team commenced their job.

Nigerians should therefore disregard whatever Mr Malami reports on the Lekki incident and instead demand an independent inquiry that would ensure justice, equity and fairness in handling the incident.

There is no doubt that it’s people like Mr Malami around our President that have beclouded the vision of his government and caused it to fail woefully beyond redemption. Curiously, the Nigerian Army that is at the centre of the whole saga has admitted its role but added that it came out in the streets of Lagos including Lekki Toll Gate at the invitation of Lagos State Government.

It therefore amazes one why the nation’s Attorney-General that ought to abide by truth and nothing but the truth in his dealings with the Nigeria public is saying something contrary to the position of the army. Please let someone help me tell Mr Malami that the nation and progressive Nigerians have had enough of his type and should therefore tow the path of honour and quit his position.

Usman Okai Austin, public affairs analyst, writes From Abuja


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