President Peter Mutharika’s most feared and trusted bodyguard, Norman Paulos Chisale, is involved in a fraudulent syndicate

By Nenenji Mlangeni

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-The Malawi President Peter Mutharika’s most feared and trusted bodyguard, Norman Paulos Chisale, is involved in a fraudulent syndicate, which is importing and under-declaring expensive vehicles using State House influence, a highly impeccable source has reveal.

Our source who opted for anonymity for fear of the obvious, reveals that Norman Chisale has been defrauding government by importing and under-declaring expensive vehicles at the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) with an objective of re-selling the vehicles to wealthy businessmen of Asian origin at huge profits.

According to Invoice number 30819 from Milele Motors of Dubai (United Arab Emirates), dated 3rd August, 2019, which the source has provided us, Normal Paulos Chisale of P. O. Box 807, Lilongwe (State House) imported two Land Cruisers vehicles, V8 engine, 2019 model; one chassis number: JTMIIV05J004269985, engine number: IVD0461861; the other one chassis number is: JTMIIVO5J504266175, engine number: IVD0455584.

The vehicles were imported via Songwe Border using International Freight Handlers of P. O. Box 349, Lilongwe, and according to the invoice, the value declared for the vehicles was US$8,000 per vehicle translating to US$16,000 for the two vehicles.

The freight for the two vehicles was declared to be US$2000, which is US$1,000 per vehicle, translating to a cumulative declared value of US$18,000 for two V8 Land Cruiser, 2019 model vehicles.

An assessment of the two vehicles by MRA, which took place on September 16, 2019, found that the values were grossly under-declared and a query was subsequently raised.

The commission advised that the value of each vehicle should be revised and must read US$54, 500 (MK 40, 875, 000) per vehicle, based on information in its databank about the values of such vehicles.

This meant each vehicle was under-declared by US$46,000 (MK34, 000, 000); totalling to US$92, 000 (MK69, 000, 000) for the two vehicles. Our own investigation has also revealed that the value of the vehicle in question is actually US$85, 165 (MK63, 873, 750).

The source further disclosed that although there was a query on the declared value for the vehicles, Chisale did not pay the revised amount. Instead, Deputy Commissioner General, Rosa Mbilizi directed that the value to be paid on the vehicles should be the one that was declared in the documents (US$18, 000) as per the invoice from Milele Motors of Dubai.

“This entails that Chisale, an officer of State House and Malawi Government, who also draws his salary from tax payers’ money, defrauded government of tax value that would have been deducted from money amounting to MK69, 000, 000,” said the source, adding that this is not the first time for Chisale to import and under-declare vehicles.

“He does that all the time and officers at MRA do not do anything about his cases for fear of losing their jobs. In fact it, appears this is also more of a syndicate, involving the Deputy Commissioner General, Roza Mbilizi, because nothing is done almost all the times a query is raised. Deputy Commissioner General always overrules the decision of the officers often instructing them to clear based on the values that Chisale declares.

“This syndicate imports and under-declare very expensive vehicles in order to sell them to businessmen of Asian origin Mr Shanti of Crossroads and other associates and make astronomical profits. The vehicles are deliberately under-valued so that the duty paid on them is less than what they would have paid if the true value was declared.

“The businessmen Shanti one of the directors comes to Norman Chisale whenever they want to import expensive vehicles to avoid paying required duty,” says the source.

Meanwhile after both Mbilizi and Chisale got the wind of the leaking of their dirty business they have forged another document to be used as a backing if the news get to the knowledge of the public.

The development comes amid reports that Chisale bought Malawi Police’s Mess land dubiously at Area 3 in the capital Lilongwe.

Eventually, Chisale built the mansion on the land for for his Ex wife Everlister Chisale who happens to be A Commissioner of Police -Region based at Area 3.

The Maravi Post understands that house was built within a month but on Police Officer’s Mess land in Area 3 which was dubiously sold to Chisale.

Surprisingly, Acting Inspector General of Police Mwapasa is quite on the matter of selling Police land to Chisale.

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