Nacala Logistics officials getting on board to have a feel of the Dash 9 Locomotives

By Chikondi Manjawira

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-The Train Operating Company in Malawi, Nacala Logistics has on Monday, September 20, 2021 introduced new heavy and big Locomotives called Dash 9 as one way of improving transportation of cargo by rail from Nacala to Limbe and vice versa.

Speaking in an interview, Nacala Logistics Director Gustavo Stein said that the coming in of the Dash 9 Locomotives will enable more Wagons and Coaches connected hence transporting more cargo than before.

“These Dash 9s are very strong, reliable and faster than the old ones. This means we will be transporting more cargo and that translate to costs cut by 20percent. These Locomotives will enable us transport 80,000 from 60,000 tonnes we used to transport on the old locomotives.

“It could take 10days for cargo train to arrive in Limbe from Nacala. With these Dash 9s, our intention is to reduce this cycle to 2-5days which is very efficient,” explains Stein.

Adds Stein, “Nacala Logistics pumped in 20million dollars in the 16 rail bridges rehabilitation project to in order to bring the Dash 9s to Limbe. These rehabilitation works have permitted Nacala Logistics to bring the big Locomotives to be transporting Fertilizer, Oil and other goods to Limbe.

“Before the Dash 9s, goods were dispatched in Liwonde and Balaka because rail bridges from Nkaya to Limbe were not designed for heavy locomotives. But now goods will be transported to Limbe. This will save the owners of the goods from organizing road transport to as far as Liwonde and Balaka. They will be collecting the goods from Limbe which will serve time and costs”.

Nacala Logistics is on a mission to bring in more of such big Locomotives called Dash 9s that pull more big Wagons for more cargo and big coaches in a quest to ease importation and exportation of various goods by rail as well as simplifying mobility for people form one place to another.

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