Sigh of relief! First Capital Bank lauded for agreeing to assist duped Malawian farmer

BLANTYRE—(MaraviPost)—A Malawian smallholder famer Mr. Kitmass Ngoleka from Lumbadzi in Lilongwe, whose money in First Capital Bank (FCB) vanished into thin air, can at least afford a smile as the bank has agreed to assist him outside the court.

According to the concerned citizen who took the matter to the public, Onjezani Kenani, FCB has agreed to resolve the matter amicably with the client as soon as possible.

 “I’m glad to report that the First Capital Bank (FCB) has undertaken to resolve the matter amicably with their client, first thing tomorrow morning. I am grateful to FCB for taking swift and decisive action.

“Senior management at the bank called Mr. Ngoleka and spoke to him and invited him to the bank for the matter to be settled. I have also been on a call with FCB’s management, who took time to explain to me how their internal controls work.

“In short, FCB has a mobile application designed for customers to conduct self-registration. To have access to the application, the system generates a One-Time-Password (OTP) which it sends to the phone number registered in the core banking system.  The only way fraud can occur is when fraudsters call the customer to ask for the OTP, which they use to access the mobile app,” wrote Kenani on his official facebook page.

In the case of Mr Ngoleka, the bank informed Kenani that the OTP was generated on 5th December, 2020, and was delivered to his mobile number at 09:51 a.m.

“The bank concludes that the customer shared his OTP with the fraudsters,” he said.

Kenani has, therefore, advised the general public remain vigilant and never give up OTP to anyone as technology is advancing at a supersonic speed.

Ngoleka is suspected to have duped money amounting to over K2 million which he deposited in HIS FCB account after selling his maize last year.

According to Kenani, the fraudsters used airtel numbers: +265 995 727 359; +265 995 798 051; +265 997 476 978 and +265 995 276 446 to siphon money from the bank account of the victim.

According to investigation by Maravi Post Reporter the numbers belong to Chimwemwe Kennedy, Sanderson, Ndichitenji Ndichitenji Chibandu and Fane Nsamila respectively.

Kenani was set to seek justice from court through Counsel Sylvester Ayuba James who together with Counsel Khumbo Soko and Shepher Mumba stepped forward to represent the victim pro bono.

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