This season, even neutral fans will pay close attention to the French Ligue 1. It is traditionally easy to follow football today results of this championship on the sports statistics website. Here, special attention is paid here to the competitions involving PSG. This summer, the Parisians have become almost the main newsmaker of the transfer market.

Indeed, the most high-profile transfer of this summer, the one of Lionel Messi to PSG. Until recently, no one could even imagine that this might happen, but Barcelona’s financial problems made its main star leave the club.

PSG got Messi for free. The Argentine has already claimed that in the new campaign, his main goal is to win the Champions Cup. Given the current strength of the Parisians’ squad, they are seen as the main contenders for this trophy.

Messi was far from the only star transfer of the Parisians

It is easy to follow the football results of the games played by PSG and its rivals today on the sports statistics website. Here, all the information about the games with participation of the Parisians is updated in real time.

It should be noted that this season, Messi was far from the only star transfer of the Parisians. The other notable contractors include the following players:

  • Wijnaldum;
  • Donnarumma;
  • Sergio Ramos;
  • Hakimi.

Such a mighty transfer campaign performed by the French club is another proof that it intends to perform successfully not only on the domestic, but on the international arena as well.

Ligue 1 fixtures of all the games

Now, you will miss no games of the most prominent club in the world. Ligue 1 fixtures are always available here. This will enable you to better understand what awaits the team. So far, only one thing is clear, since the PSG squad is extremely stellar, the club will leave someone in reserve from time to time. This is an extra headache for Pochettino, who hasn’t yet has a clear idea about the lineup he has.

However, as the starting games of the season showed, the Parisians look quite confident. Indeed, they are the main favorites of the domestic championship. Perhaps, the rivals need a miracle shot deprive PSG of the championship title. However, there is always a place for unexpected results in football.

Will someone be able to challenge the clear favorite? We’ll find out the answer to this question very soon. Meanwhile, open the fixtures of the team in Ligue 1 and see which opponents will compete with the stellar team. According to the potential, it should leave no chances to opponents, but there is always a place for an unexpected result in the game, so there is still a possibility that Pochettino’s team may fail from time to time. It is easy to find out about them and the team’s other results on the sports statistics website.

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