Prestige Import and Export Company, owned by Business Mogul, Shafee Chunara, was hired to transport 400 000 bags of cement into Malawi. The company delivered as agreed.

According to documents in the public domain, Mr Chunara is the official importer of the cement using a “stollen presidential” TPIN. However, he has not been arrested apart from a rumour circulating that the police invited him for questioning. Whatever cane out of this purported meeting has not been communicated to the public.

On the contrary, one Paulosi Chisale, whom we are told by the police to be an accomplice of Chunara was arrested and spent almost a week in police cells.

I would like to call upon the Malawi police Force (it has never been a service) to arrest Mr Chunara and ensure that he spends at least 48 hours in a police cell. That way he will reveal more dirty deals.

Targeting Chisale and not his accomplice’s smacks of political arrests for me and vendetta in my view.

Then there is Mukhitho who signed the letters from State house and Abigail Kawamba too who authorized on behalf of MRA. all these must be arrested, and a case be built against them. That way we will be dealing with the core corruption and abuse of office.

I am being told that the Senior MRA official that was arrested earlier on was released without any charge at all. Social media reports from DPP cadets are suggesting that she will not be prosecuted as she is a business partner of a cabinet minister in Tonse Alliance with MCP links.

Now, for both Lazarus ‘Kadingus’ Chakwera and Saulos Chilima, this is a betrayal of the millions of Malawians that voted, campaigned, financed, and even demonstrated for change.

This is a kick in the ass for the Nsundwe women who were raped by DPP police thugs.:

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