The friendliest people in Africa, old culture, tradition and crafts, high mountain peaks, broad blue lakes, nice hotels, and legal gambling facilities. Malawi is no doubt “the next big thing” for tourists and gamblers around the world.

Malawi Tourism
Malawi as a tourist destination

Nowadays, many countries impose strict gambling policies and there are not many places where people can enjoy good old fashioned gambling in brick and mortar s.

Gambling laws are different though the world and in each and every country there is some kind of laws or regulations for s and gambling. Among most usual ones are age restrictions and country restrictions, but there are some really weird laws around the world regarding gambling.

For example, in Oklahoma, USA, it is prohibited for women to gamble in the nude, in lingerie or wearing the towel. Strange you think? Well, in the same state it is illegal for train conductors to gamble. Otherwise, they breach they employment contract! In Belgium, it is illegal to gamble at a home poker game and in Greece, it is illegal to play electronic games at internet cafes.

Malawi Gambling Mecca
Malawi land of opportunities for tourists and gamblers

Well, good that gambling in Malawi is legal since the country’s Gaming Act of 1996. The Gaming Act of 1996 established the Malawi Gaming Board which had responsibilities like issuing licenses and over-see any gambling operations.

There are currently 3 licensed s operating in the country of Malawi, the Kairo International Limited – Colony Club Casino and the American Pirates Casino Limited. These s offer the most popular games like roulette, poker, blackjack, and slot machines to name a few.

Online gambling is not regulated as of now, so players from Malawi can enjoy all their favorite games online too. So the population of the great and beautiful country of Malawi and the tourist population can enjoy all the pleasures and excitement that online gambling can produce. At Casino.Guru website there is a long list of good and bad online s with reviews, so there is a lot of good reading material regarding online s, review and tips and tricks.

Gambling in Malawi is a fast growing business so the country has the chance to become a gaming powerhouse in the future. With great nature and incredible scenery, there are great opportunities for tourists to enjoy their stay in Malawi. Besides gambling, Malawi has to offer great things to people who decide to visit their country. For example, Lake Malawi, the most captivating natural wonder of Malawi, or Mulanje Mountain, the highest point of South Central Africa.

Also, Malawi offers a unique experience in tea tasting and intriguing local cuisines. All in all, Malawi is one beautiful country with a lot of unique localities and interesting and friendly people.