FAM President, Walter Nyamilandu

Will the Bright DPP bring Kondwani to supporters without enough Walter in all systems and without fielding a good DK2025? Search me.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is a very big organization, by far. The party was founded on principles of good statesmanship  when Bingu wa Mutharika dumped the UDF in a bid to serve Malawians without fear or favour and the works of his hands spoke for him. You know the story.

However, over time, the DPP seems to have missed the direction, yes not lost it because if the latter were true, we would not even be here writing about it. The DPP is suffering from the disease called kudzimbidwa in vernacular.

Kudzimbidwa is a disease that comes as a result of consuming too much of something, mostly with high fibre content and with ability to satisfy one’s hunger within a shortest period. Sweet potatoes (mbatata)  have that ability.

The DPP has a lot of qualified leaders, majority of which (not all) are ready to sacrifice the party just to achieve their ambitions. Thanks for reading again the previous statement where “majority “is used, not “all”.

For purposes of this assessment, we have selected four (4) contenders, not because others are not important but because these 4 are enough sample for our illustration.

HONOURABLE KONDWANI NANKHUMWA, MP, – President Chakwera must be informed that if an economy, as small as ours, was robbed of that sum of money, his administration would not have found any penny in the government coffers.

George Kondwani, the dormant leader of opposition, is by far a very good leader that’s why  he commands a huge following in Southern region, forget the madness  by haters that the people in his rallies are DPP supporters , not him.  If DPP supporters were following anyone we would see them even in marketplaces following vendors, but they followed and continue to follow Kondwani.  Kondwani’s only problem is his selfish ego that makes him think he is above the Party, no wonder he is a perfect sell out and the worst leader of opposition in our time as he is ready to sacrifice the party for his presidential ambitions. DPP will judge him.

Bright Msaka SC, has described the private sector as a key partner to government in community development

Bright Msaka SC, is not the complete opposite of Kondwani, yes, he equally commands a huge following in Eastern region, and he holds a portfolio of the same caliber as  Kondwani’s. The Eastern region Veep brought more energy in the Constitutional Court sanctioned presidential re-run,  more than any Veep at the time. The only difference with Kondwani is that Msaka has not yet demonstrated any sell out traits and has not publicly declared his intention to contest, what we see are only people on social media marketing his personality and indeed he is Bright


I have not been fired claims Kabambe

Walter Nyamilandu and Dalitso Kabambe are also great leaders, with multifaceted experience and a new energy to DPP as they have the ability to bring a complete overhaul in DPP and change the manner the organization is run. Do not listen to the madness by haters that they are “strangers” in DPP as Chilima was once a “stranger”, but his outburst was not a result of his lack of roots in DPP, but it was because of leaders with a mbatata  attitude who saw him as a threat and spoiled his relationship with APM. Walter and Kabambe might not hold senior positions in DPP but awarding them the “stranger” status is not the best we can do. Delegates will judge them.

So, the DPP is indeed Bright when there is enough Walter in all its strategic vessels and a good DK2025 is planted  to guarantee Kondwani on the faces of its supporters, and in extension, Malawi.

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