By Emmie Banda, MEC Stringer


A month and some days to elections the Malawi Electoral Commission MEC has urged the registrants to be attending all political parties meetings.


Speaking during a meeting with chiefs at senior chief Mlonyeni’s headquarters in Mchinji, Deputy Chief elections officer responsible for operations  Harris Potani advised the registrant to be attending different parties meetings.


Potani said attending different parties meetings helps someone to make sound decision on who to vote for.


”someone knows who to vote for after attending different party meetings, and it is only in these meetings where one can differentiate the manifestos and chose someone who has something you want,” said Potani.


He added that people should not be afraid of what they hear about voting process saying it will be the same with 2014 elections.


”i heard that some people are afraid after rumours that there will be a machine to vote, this is a lie as there will be no machine, this years voting process is just the same as 2014 tripartite elections and no one should cheat you,”added Potani.


The DCEO responsible for operations also advised the people to avoid conflicts during campaigns and polling day and also urged those who will win to celebrate without insulting their opponents so that the elections should be free and fair.


Julius Chalika, one of the registrants pleaded with MEC to release the result on time to avoid misunderstandings after elections.


”it pains to see that three days after elections the results are not out, its my plea that MEC should release the results on time so that we should not wait for a long time before we know who has won especially on the presidential race.”said Chalika.


On the issue of corruption during campaign meetings , senior chief Mlonyeni urged MEC to take a leading role in informing political parties to stop what they do by going to chiefs with different items urging them to be on their part to inform their subjects to vote for them.


”most of the times party leaders are the ones who come to our chiefs giving them handouts to urge our people to vote for them which is corruption, all they need to do is to give our people their manifestos not the handouts, we do not want to be involved in corruption so they should spare us on that and give us their manifestos,”said senior Chief Mlonyeni.


He therefore urged his subjects to go in large numbers and vote on 21st May.

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