Sea of worshipers at Pretorial show grounds for Prophet Bushiri’s ECG

PRETORIA-(MaraviPost)-The membership of South African-based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church, is said to have reached  300,000 followers within the two years of operation in South Africa, it has been learnt.

The development has therefore, prompted the South Africa government to approve its activities and declare the church’s gathering “organized event” and not just “church,” as was previously observed.

On Sunday alone, during the Sunday Service at Pretoria, over 105,000 congregants filled all the space, that includes six jam-packed halls, where people also follow the proceedings live on huge TV monitors mounted on the walls.

The Maravi Post is informed that such church evolution, and government recognition can only be a symbol of how Prophet Bushiri’s ECG has, in just 24 months, grown tremendously. and being christened with the name they deserve.

The declaration and the approval made by South Africa’s Joint Operations Committee (JOC), means that every ECG gathering, especially at Pretoria Show grounds, will be treated differently, and will have a more expanded approach in terms of stakeholder involvement.

In this regard, ECG will therefore not hold their services without involving critical stakeholders in events management, including the Police, Fire Brigade, Emergency Management Services, City Parks, City Power, Water Service Departments, and Environmental Service Department.

The mandate of the JOC, is to make sure that all events held in South Africa, are safe and that organizers comply with all the By-Laws and Regulations of their respective cities.

For instance, in Johannesburg City, under the new Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act, it is now a legal requirement for all events with 2,000 and more participants/spectators/audience, organizers of the event meet to have event plans, submitted by the event organizers to the National Commissioner of SAPS, a month before the event, for Risk Grading purposes.

Reacting to the declaration by government, ECG communications director Ephraim Nyondo, said the move only cements the ‘unprecedented growth of the ECG church not just in South Africa, but also around the world.

Nyondo said with specific reference to growth patterns in South Africa, the church has become a comfort zone to many South Africans who are currently, facing a range of socio-economic challenges.

“South Africans, who are tired of relentless squabbles in the political sphere, come here and, in their search for peace and comfort, meet, discuss, and share a laugh with those with whom they share common afflictions.

“Our church has become a platform of national healing, reconciliation. and hope to so many challenges facing the country. We believe prayer is a solution, and that is why prayer is central at our every service,” Nyondo said.

Nyondo added that the church’s structure at the headquarters in Pretoria, makes it a symbol of unity in diversity.

He also said, “the main preacher, Prophet Bushiri, is Malawian while the resident preacher is South African. We also have several associate preachers from the US, Kenya and other countries. That nationality diversity, signifies our unity of purpose in preaching the gospel, and giving hope to the people.”

In 2016, the global youth transformative pioneer, The Africa Youth in Technology Organization (TAYITO) honored the South Africa-Malawian based Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, with a certificate for demonstrating global leadership and business management skills that motivates young leaders worldwide.

Prophet Bushiri was among the twelve awardees in youth inspiration programs along side Prophet T.B. Joshua of SCOAN, Prophet Philip Banda, former Malawi President Joyce Banda, Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President Paul Kagame, USA President Barrack Obama, the late and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela,  Penny Pritzer, Mike Bloomberg, and  Allan Woolf.


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