Kabambe and Mwanamveka at the court on Friday

By Rich Dzida

On the outset, it must be emphasized that we condemn criminality.

We urge law enforcers to bring to book anyone who contravenes any Malawian laws regardless of their political affiliation. Malawi is not a lawless country.

However, we will continue to vehemently condemn politically motivated arrests whose sole agenda is to score a political point.

Firstly, it becomes a political arrest when top most suspects from the same opposition party, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are arrested when suspects from the Tonse Alliance government with similar offenses are left Scot free . This is selective justice.

On record, Malawi has witnessed the arrests of Dalitso Kabambe, Henry Mussa, Joseph Mwanaamveka, Ben Phiri, Uladi Mussa and Mzomera Ngwira just to mention a few.

It is not true that there are all angels in the Tonse Alliance government. In fact, there is a lot of corruption taking place now in the Tonse Alliance but the suspects are not arrested for the mere fact that they are Tonse Alliance members. This selective justice must stop forthwith.

Examples of corruption incidences in the Tonse Alliance government are numerous. A recent allegation is that of a cabinet minister who was found with stashes of money in his car boot. Some cabinet ministers have accumulated unexplained wealth within a short time.

This contravenes the provisions of Malawi Corruption Act. Malawians still want to know how the proceeds from the sale of the presidential jet were expended.

Secondly, an arrest becomes politically motivated when the suspects face half-baked and trumped-up charges.

The arrests of Bon Kalindo, Dalitso Kabambe and Joseph Mwanaamveka fall in this category.

Dalitso Kabambe and Joseph Mwanaamveka were arrested on the allegations that they gave false information to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). As a consequence, they allege, Malawi did not get any credit facility from IMF.

Much as we don’t tolerate the offence of falsifying information, the allegation does not make sense. Let us put facts straight. Malawi did not meet the conditions of getting any credit facility from IMF. If the suspects did not cook figures, assuming they did, would IMF have approved their application based on the fact they said the truth? Obviously no!!! Malawi did not meet the conditions. Period. Therefore, their argument becomes invalid and nonsensical.

Back to the arrest of Bon Kalindo who is facing two charges. The first is that he uttered a statement during Mangochi demonstrations that Honorable Clement Chiwaya was murdered and not that he committed suicide. The second charge is that during Mzuzu demonstrations, he claimed that the government is aware of albino killers.

Much as we acknowledge that these are serious allegations, the timing of the arrest is politically motivated aimed at silencing those who criticise the government.

Bon Kalindo has been making such albino allegations numerous times. In fact, he has been pleading with the police to honorably effect his arrest so that he can divulge more information. In this case, he was a whistleblower.

As a whistleblower, Bon Kalindo has vital information that will assist Malawians to know the truth surrounding the death of Honorable Clement Chiwaya and the gruesome killings of innocent albinos.

The best move for the law enforcers was not to arrest Bon Kalindo but to parade him as a state witness who will then assist the government with vital information which will unlock the mystery surrounding Honorable Clement Chiwaya’s death and albino killings.

At the end of the day, the painful truth remains with us that the politically motivated arrests will not solve our economic quandaries.

Diverting attention of people from real issues to politically motivated arrests will not resolve matters.

Cost of living will remain high. No one million jobs will be created. No free water and electricity connections will be fulfilled by these political arrests. No cheap passports. No driving licences that don’t expire. Yes, after the political arrests, the elder will still not receive their promised monthly stipend.

We therefore implore the government machinery to devise practicable means to address the demands presented by the demonstrations. Political arrests won’t meet the demonstrators’ demands.

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