By Burnett Munthali

Malawians are disappointed with the current leadership which is full of excuses, corruption, speeches and incompetence.

I don’t know if the two leaders have the human face and human dignity to even think of resigning. Their major aim was to enrich themselves.

Tonse alliance is failing apart

It looks like the only way to kick out the leadership out of office in Malawi is through the ballot box. We don’t seem to have anyone to push any corrupt public figure out of office. There’s no statesman in the Tonse alliance government so far. The corrupt and the incorruptible are busy talking again on the negotiating table.

Few statesmen exist. Atupele Muluzi is one of the young leaders who has demonstrated that element in recent years. His campaign speeches and campaign styles, conduct as a cabinet minister on various ministerial positions in different governments are clear testimony to this fact. The young man is a great smart leader. He also made a great presidential debate which I will live to remember.

The only wise thing I think we could do as a country, let us leave the Tonse alliance government to rule up to 2025. Thereafter, vote this government out in the next election because they won’t step down for sure End of the story.

Declining trust in Tonse alliance government has in turn led to less positive evaluations of government and reduced support for government action to address a range of domestic policy concerns.

In the United States “Public Trust” is a term of art referring to any public property which belongs to the whole of the people. Initially it was used within the formation of the government to refer to politicians who achieve power by election.

Unfortunately In the nation called Malawi “Public Trust” is a term of art referring to any public property which belongs to the whole of the people after one is convicted of serious allegations. Initially it is not being used within the formation of the government to refer to politicians who achieve power by election. Our leaders are busy protecting each other because they are all corrupt and nothing else.

Trust is crucial for ensuring the success of a wide range of public policies that depend on behavioural responses from the public. For example, public trust leads to greater compliance with public health responses, regulations and the tax system.

However, it’s completely the opposite here in Nyasaland. We defend our political leaders at all costs. We evade tax freely at any time we feel like doing so. This nation is lagging behind because of so many challenges. Our mindset is one of the problems we have. We know how to talk but cannot implement what we are saying. Just as good as writing an excellent article that won’t be posted to anyone to read through.

Public confidence and trust is both a measure of and a support for the work that we do and there is a lot to be gained by forming a partnership with the public in serving the interests of justice. Public confidence and trust is where the public feel. assured that public prosecutors are doing their job.

The reasons for not voting the Tonse alliance government include: failing to honour their campaign promises, appointing a weak cabinet, indecisiveness, corruption, nepotism, tribalism, and many more.

Tonse alliance government must be voted out of government because the top two leaders have been accused of corruption. They need to be investigated thoroughly and this can only happen when they are out of power. Right now, they are busy protecting each other, which is very unfortunate.

The President and his Vice President have accumulated huge wealth within a short period of tine. They must be held accountable and explain thoroughly while the idea of getting rich within means is encouraged.

President Chakwera was named in the fuel scandal and Malawians need explanations.

The reaction of the Vice President in his recent speech in 1sr July, 2022 where he asked for the removal of the presidential immunity from President Chakwera is a big story behind it. All that could not have been said for nothing. There is indeed need for these two leasers to be investigated what they are currently messing up. Indeed, there is a mess going on.

The speech of the Vice President suggested to us that President Chakwera is also a corruption suspect and must be investigated now.

It is in my opinion that the President should be allowed to finish his term of office first and be voted out in 2025 so that he can be investigated. However, he should tread very carefully between now and then because the law will follow him three years to come.

Malawians do not have trust in the Tonse alliance leadership anymore. All the campaign promises were just baby talk.

Corruption allegations have taken away all the public trust for this donated government and there’s nothing left to be proud of.

Those advocating for the idea that resignation can only take place after a conviction on alleged corruption has been passed are corruption sympathisers. This is another kind of corruption and disrespect of the law.

You need to resign to give chance for investigations to take place if you are in a public office and there are serious allegations against you.

The other reason this Tonse alliance government must not be given another chance to rule this country is that they have completely failed to deliver their campaign promises. Simple.

Chakwera promised many things to happen in less than five years. He is on record to have taken Malawi to Canaan by now and Malawians are wondering what kind a lie this could be. The President is seriously dishonest and disrespecting the people of Malawi.

People cannot see anything taking place on the ground but corruption, the rising cost of living and long empty poetic speeches.

I want to agree with the Vice President in his address to the nation that the Tonse alliance government is busy campaigning instead of paying the price to deliver their campaign promises.

It is sad that there are some paid up writers on different social media platforms who keep sharing a list of excuses each time. Look at what some neighboring countries are doing. The leaders are showing the way for their countries to move forward while we are busy here with child’s talk. This country will not grow with poetic speeches and fine spoken English. Let’s get to work!

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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