Chilima; implicated
Chilima; Implicated

Minister of Agricultural who is also DPP’s vice President, Dr George Chaponda has shared to different media outlets information on how Chilima misused his power when he was incharge of the country while President Peter Mutharika was in United States of America.

According to the details, Vice President Salous Chilima arranged a tender with Malawi Army for the supply of medical equipment worthy K400 million but pegged at K1.4 billion from the army to share the 1 billion with the Army general.

“It’s sad that he thought he was already a president and Mutharika was not coming back and he arranged a deal in which he was going to pocket closer to a billion,” said Honorable Chaponda.

According to the information we have, the deal was going to use Chilani Clinic and only use Mk 400 million to buy the supplies.

“It is only Malawi Army that reports to a civilian president direct without being audited hence at this moment Chilima had the power to discuss such a deal and get away with it.

“We can not trust such a man to lead the country let alone to take us through another elections,” concluded his statement.

In many situations, Chilima too has proved to be weak and not ready for the post.

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