Chilima and Kaliati in Mangochi


MANGOCHI-(MaraviPost)-The country’s vice president who is also UTM Party leader Saulos Chilima on Sunday promised people of Mangochi that once elected as president of this country, his government will change the current status of the district from being a town to a city for tourism that will help improve the co economy.

The UTM Party leader was addressing the St. August III-Mangochi rally as his last visit just two weeks before Malawians cast their votes on May 21, this year.

Chilima also promised to build an airport in Mangochi and reduce unemployment in the lakeshore district.

Among other developments, he promised to construct the Mangochi-Makanjira Road, Mangochi-Chilipa Road to Balaka and Mangochi-Katuri Road, Cape Maclear Road.

He also summarised the UTM manifesto and what the party will do in the areas of health, agriculture, education, tourism and culture as well as the environment.

Chilima then persuaded the people to go and vote for UTM en masse on May 21 to enjoy the development the party ha sin store for them

“I will change the face of Mangochi because it has potential to improve Malawi;s economy with the Lake Malawi which among other things is the source of fish,” said Chilima.





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