Upson Mkandawire

By James Munthali

Come to think of it, Upson Mkandawire (now we know him by both behavior and name) decided to attack innocent Henry Ntengo Waminga Mussa when he should have known that he was making a false allegation. That can only be the motive of a cousin to the devil as such thinking is retrogressive to say the least.

Plaintiffs who believe they have been defamed online should bring a claim against the person or entity that actually made the defamatory statement. In doing so, the plaintiff will have to file suit in an appropriate magistrate court.

This gives innocent Henry Ntengo Waminga Mussa the legal right to defend himself against these unwarranted allegations that Upson Mkandawire should have known were FALSE when he was posting and sharing on Facebook groups.

As if making a false allegation was not enough, he went on conniving with a popular Malawi Facebook group to publish the same simply to tarnish the image of the person who has helped this country in different endeavours.

If Upson Mkandawire were making a true statement, he would not even deny making such allegations, he would have simply said, yes, I made it and I still stand by my postings. That would have meant that Hon Mussa is free to commence legal proceedings on the pretest that Upson Mkandawire cum Gogo Gowoka is a person with sound mind and does not go around bullying foes on Facebook with false allegations.

But now we know that Gogo Gowoka/Upson Mkandawire needs enough contraceptives to avoid injuring his mental organs with his masturbation of false views on Facebook.

Upson Mkandawire is just one among evil intentioned people on social media who are going around spreading false news about innocent people thinking that everyone is dormant and does not reason rationally.

The simple message to Upson Mkandawire and his associates is that lies have short legs and the wage of sin is to retard your career growth, affect  your business dealings, your financial well-being and thus indirectly affect the well-being of your Family.

Time of reckoning for Upson Mkandawire is coming soon.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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