Goodbye 2013! Atleast you have proved us that JB is not a leader rather a liar. She lied to Malawians that her government was sending the youth to work in South Korea and she had struck a deal when it was all lies than a political wishful thinking.

Goodbye 2013! With you we have proved that JB is not a leader rather a Cash gate godmother, her government used people to loot billions meant for poor Malawians, use them to buy their party cars and made us believe that the gods had smiled at them through well wisher.

Goodbye 2013! With you we have seen a president turned a witness in attempted murder case, why the president among all? Should we say she had a hand in the failed murder attempt of Paul Mpwiyo? It was with you when she told the nation she knew who shot Mpwiyo and later withdrew the sentiment claiming she never said that. What a powerful liar in Africa.Oooh! 2013.

Goodbye 2013! With you we have seen the president having free maize strictly for her party followers in her rallies while Admarc and selling point remained without the commodity, we have seen Malawians dying of hunger and prisoners staying days without food under governments watch. That was in December, what more with February yet to come?

Goodbye 2013! With you we have seen the president trapped in all sorts of scams and shady deals, talk of cash gate, the iron sheet scam for Mudzi, bell portinger reputation management, the fire arms deal,5 star hotel, chamba smuggle, the presidential jet scandal, unknown well wishers chartering her planes. You name it. Just all in 2013′

Goodbye 2013! Its you who had made our servants stay months without pay with JB, it was with you we had seen almost strikes of civil servants every month somewhere and primary school pupils going in the street to demonstrate. You have been a year full of Malodza where even the dead were cut private parts right in the mortuary.

Goodbye 2013. With you we have seen how JB and her homeland security ministry have failed us, how many people have we lost with mob justice? How many have been lost by being shot or stubbed to death by robbers? How many arm robberies, abuse of office, corruption and rape cases have we had in the year? So numerous and where was the Police boss, the minister and the whole ministry when all these were happening? Honestly the citizens have been let down.

Goodbye 2013! Atleast we are assured that you are gone and you will never cause the tribulation and suffering Malawians have gone through.

Thanks that you have shown us that JB is a total failure and not worthy transforming the nation and the citizens, this was not a year of breakthrough rather crisis. Malawi is almost dead now.

Enjoy the drama and 2014.

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