Philip Valentine

Philip Valentine
anti-vaxxer radio host Philip Valentine died

Philip Valentine was a conservative radio host and vaccine skeptic in Nashville who recently died of COVID-19. Not that I was personally touched by his death; I’d never even heard of him before he was hospitalized.

But he has become the latest symbol of this era’s defining cliché: the COVID-19 denier or vaccine holdout who ends up dying an excruciating death and wishing he had not refused to accept the benefit of other people’s experience.

Not to pick on Valentine. He is not the first and, sadly, probably will not be the last. But again, he is the latest on a list that is growing long.

Nashville radio host Paul Valentine has died, reports SuperTalk 99.7 WTN on social media.

“We are extremely saddened to report that our host and friend Phil Valentine has passed away. Please keep the Valentine family in your thoughts and prayers,” 99.7 posted Saturday. “We love you Phil, we will mis(s) you.”

denying the coronavirus‘ existence  at death Beds

Jodi Doering, an emergency room nurse in South Dakota, has watched that simple truth play out again and again over the last year, as many of her patients have denied the coronavirus‘ existence or their own diagnosis up to their dying breath.

Doering described her work as a “horror movie that never ends” on Saturday, in a Twitter thread that provoked hundreds of thousands of reactions. The nurse said she was particularly frustrated by the patients who embraced misinformation around the virus, even as it wracked their bodies and eventually killed them.

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