Hans Kristian Gaarder (30 November 1960 – 6 April 2021)

A leading Norwegian conspiracy theorist who denied coronavirus was a dangerous disease died from the virus after hosting two events at his property.

Hans Gaarder, 60, was found to have tested positive for COVID-19 after he died from the virus on April 6, just days after he hosted an illegal gathering in Gran municipality, around 40 miles north of the Norwegian capital Oslo.

Gran municipal chief physician Are Løken said the preliminary autopsy report confirmed his death was due to having the deadly virus.

denying the coronavirus‘ existence at death Beds

Jodi Doering, an emergency room nurse in South Dakota, has watched that simple truth play out again and again over the last year, as many of her patients have denied the coronavirus‘ existence or their own diagnosis up to their dying breath.

Doering described her work as a “horror movie that never ends” on Saturday, in a Twitter thread that provoked hundreds of thousands of reactions. The nurse said she was particularly frustrated by the patients who embraced misinformation around the virus, even as it wracked their bodies and eventually killed them.

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