Chakwera fired Lowe for AIP mess

By Burnett Munthali

Is the South African lady we are hearing about now an excuse for MK750 million fertilizer deal in Affordable Input Program (AIP)?

It is annoying, embarrassing and sad to hear from the Attorney General that all documents he has point to a lady.

When will the drama stop coming and government go to work? Day in and day out, week in and week out Malawians are rewarded with corruption news from their own government which protested non stop crying to lead this nation.

Here is Reverend Lazarus Tonse Alliance government was crying for but what do the electorates see and hear? It’s corruption, bribery, broken promises, inefficiency and so on. Poor leadership with a price and the people of this country are paying a heavy price for choosing wrongly or should we say Malawians chose perfectly well? I don’t think so. Stealing and press conferences and excuses are just too much.

Malawians would like to hear about fertilizer distribution at this stage not documents. They want fertilizers before it starts to rain and not press briefings about documents, butcheries and South African women fixers having botched government millions of kwacha fertilizer transactions.

In other words this government didn’t know where to get fertilizer and who to deal with right from the beginning. We can also openly say that even those interviews provided by the president when he was in the oppositions were just guess work and lies

How can a South African woman, identified as Caroline Vigiakanthy Muthusamy, be at the centre of the MK750 million fertiliser scandal that has rocked the Malawi government?

I mean, she did not offer herself to government for the fertilizer deal but it must have happened the other way round. Government had the tax payers money and obviously approached the South African lady.

In fact the lady may be fake and non existent or just an excuse to confuse Malawians.

Attorney General Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda recently confirmed to The Sunday Times to the effect that Muthusamy occupied a “special position” and that government was already putting claims against her is a big insult to the people of Malawi.

Malawi elected a government on trust that it would be cautious in the way it handled very important transactions such as this but alas ! That’s not the case, the people have been duped by their own leaders and government.

The news that other information about the lady in question remains hazy is a huge disappointment and a frustration to many Malawians. It appears government is deliberately doing careless transactions with an aim of cabinet ministers and other leaders enriching themselves. It must be borne in mind that at the same time government is destroying its own image so badly. The citizens cannot trust government in any way like this.

The people of this country cannot believe their ears to hear that there isn’t much known about her. How did government officials trust her with something that concerns a majority of Malawians just like that or is it a chain of syndicates?

Government has to take responsibility for all this mess and a price for all this shall be paid sooner or later. This will cost someone’s job and many jobs will be lost as the employers (the citizens of Malawi) cannot smile over such discrepancies.

This nation is becoming a huge embarrassment to itself and the leaders aren’t just the right people for Malawians.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are those of the author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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