Education minister Agness Nyalonje

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Agness Nyalonje, has attributed the crumbling of education standards in the country to rapid population growth.

Her remarks come days after President Lazarus Chakwera pleaded with the private sector to invest in secondary education.

The minister says due to population growth, the country has had difficulties over the years to sufficiently invest in education hence the lowering of education standards.

According to Nyalonje, rapid population growth continues to pose as a serious threat in improving the quality of education in the country hence the need to tame it.

Reacting, social media users have asked the government to stop petty reasons for the dwindling of education standards in the country.

“Stop blaming rapid growth of population when there’s too much looting and corruption in the government imagine in 2020 ana akuphunzirirabe pansi pantengo while the children of politicians and government officials are sent to expensive private school or even abroad you gotta change the system otherwise we are forever doomed,” commented Chifundo Balakasi.

Rabson Hdc Nyirendah said “We will never develop when we keep on giving untrue reasons for our misery in the economy. You mean each country that has had an increase in population also saw its education crumble like ours. We need to learn to tell the truth.”

“The population growth is not the reason for our education to go down  in the country, but you political Leaders, you don’t care about Malawi, because your sons and daughters, are Learning in other countries,” Louis Kalilombe ranted.

So far, government intends to construct 34 secondary schools, a project that will cost up to 100 billion Malawi Kwacha.

Though it is a fact that population growth affects the quality of education children receive, Malawi education system has been crumbling due to lack of political will.

Some Community Day Secondary Schools are still using structures that were constructed haphazardly during the Bakili Muluzi regime and they are dilapidated state.

Many primary school pupils are still learning under the trees due to lack of classroom blocks as politicians are becoming billionaires overnight once they take over government.

 In terms of population density ranking, Bangladesh is the most densely-populated with 1,252 people per square kilometer; this is almost three times as dense as its neighbour, India.

It is followed by Lebanon (595 per km2), South Korea (528 per km2),

the Netherlands (508 km2) and Rwanda(495 per km2)  completing the top five.

The current population density of Malawi is 161.46 people per square kilometer, a 2.69% increase from 2019.

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