Pastor Chance Munthal

Submitted By Chalo Mvula

The Malawi Congress Party Diaspora Wing over the weekend raised money   through a gala dinner event to help the party allocate election monitors in all the polling stations at the forthcoming general elections. The event was held in the city of Birmingham in United Kingdom.  Malawi goes to the polls on 21st of May to elect the president, members of parliament and councillors. However, the highlight of the event was an endorsement coming from a group of Malawian Pastors living in diaspora who made a statement endorsing Lazarus Chakwera as the candidate of choice to be Malawi’s next president.

According to the spokesman of MCP Diaspora Wing Chalo Mvula , the Birmingham event was to cement the seriousness of the diaspora community in making sure that the elections are free and fair . Malawi Congress Party launched the Tambala Fund, an initiative that encouraged its members to contribute to the party and sponsor for a monitor. The Diaspora event was a response to that call and so far the diaspora community has contributed over £3500.  “It’s a collective effort and other diaspora members from USA, Republic of Ireland responded to our call and contributed something” said Mvula.

The event was spiced up by various activities that included a music performance by Nick Thindwa whose sang his hit song “Chakwera wa M’boma”  . Thindwa mesmerized the audience with his unique dancing skills .There was also a comedy treat from Scotland based Malawian comedian Khwethemu.  Patrons were also treated to an auction sale where various items were sold to the members of the audience and dinner dance provided by Powerglobal DJ, Gnice.

On the political front MCP veteran member Chris Chaima Banda received a standing ovation after delivering a moving speech on the philosophy of Dr Lazarus Chakwera and his presidency.  “Chakwera is not only just God fearing, but in him Malawians will be voting for a candidate who will fulfil each and every promise that is in the party manifesto. Malawians are blessed to have a candidate like Chakwera” Claimed Banda amid the handclapping and the ululation from the audience.

MCP president Lazarus Chakwera, while not physically in attendance sent a message which was read to the audience. Chakwera said he was humbled to see the diaspora community coming together  to support the party. He said he was assuring those in diaspora that Malawi  will soon give  birth to “A New Malawi enjoyed by Everyone” . Chakwera went on to acknowledge that the support of the diaspora and the many efforts of others can guarantee that the elections will not be rigged. He went further to warn that any efforts to tamper with the elections will not only be thwarted, but will also be investigated immediately after he is sworn in as the president.

And then there was the moment when  Derby based Man of God , Pastor Chance Munthali  stood up to read a list of  pastors living in diaspora  who have endorsed the candidacy of Lazarus Chakwera to be the next president of Malawi.  Pastor Chance Munthali said the pastors had settled for this choice after much though and prayer “ God has heard the cry of Malawians and He has Chosen Chakwera to rescue Malawi  from poverty, rampant corruption and to excute the rule of law in the country” . He went on to pray for the peaceful elections and for God to give Chakwera more wisdom.

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