PRETORIA-(MaraviPost)-The African National Congress president Cyril Ramaphosa has joined the nation in condemning what he calls “bogus religious” leaders who are not only taking advantage of gullible people but bringing religion into disrepute.

Ramaphosa was in the Cape Flats and in central Cape Town on Thursday night, where he kick started his party’s election campaign for the upcoming national general election.

According to  SABC News, the  President Ramaphosa   met with young professionals and members of the general community. The ANC leader says pastor Alph Lukau’s recent claim that he raised a man from the dead is shocking. He says it’s important for government and religious leaders to start engaging on how to tackle such issues in a meaningful way.

Ramaphosa was asked why the government is tolerating such behaviour, and why such religious leaders are not being arrested.

He says the issue was discussed at the cabinet level and that although it is a serious matter, he, however, ruled out any possibility of regulating religion.

“How can we work together to ensure that we rid our country of bogus religious leaders, bringing the name of the Lord, and God and the church into disrepute.”

The president was bombarded with questions about poverty and inequality in the province, gangsterism, the abuse of farmworkers and the deteriorating public transport infrastructure. The shortage of trains and dangerous commuting to and from work in the province was emphasised.

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Earlier, the president visited the Cape Flats, where he was told about rampant incidents of crime and joblessness. He promised that the government will deal decisively with these challenges going forward.

He also promised to return to the province soon to address other issues that were raised by communities.