Malawi President Peter Mutharika


The Malawi President was asked questions on a number of issues of which he responded with confidence and clarity.

 On why he is not out on the campaign trail

He said he set measures on how to protect Malawians from the coronavirus. He is conflicted on going against his own decisions. He wished everyone considered other ways of campaigning without risking people’s lives. But he will plan accordingly when the date for the elections is set.

 On Jane Ansah’s resignation

Justice Jane Mayemu Ansah, S.C. is the current chairperson of the Malawi Electoral Commission

The President said he accepted her resignation since she asked for it so that we can have a new chair since her contract was expiring. She resigned so that a new chair should be appointed to prepare for the elections.

On some people describing Ansah as incompetent, he said it was total nonsense to call her incompetent.

 On propaganda that he would not appoint new MEC commissioners in time to foil the elections

The President said he is not an irresponsible person to disrespect what the law says on the appointment of commissioners. He said he has no reason to scupper the election because he is ready for the election and he will win.

On the Supreme Court ruling

Judges of the Supreme Court of Appeal who made the ruling on the election appeal case

The President said he was disappointed with the Supreme Court ruling. He said instead of correcting the errors committed in the judgement of the High Court to protect the Constitution and defend democracy, the Supreme Court judges chose to be part of Regime Change push.

He said the Supreme Court ruling has set an awfully bad precedent that every election will be nullified even with a small irregularity that does not have an impact on the final result.

On his Government’s development agenda 

The President assured Malawians that he will continue delivering development and that there are more development projects he will be launching very soon.

 On political violence

The President condemned the acts of violence that are taking place in the country ahead of the fresh elections. 

He further urged the political leaders to stick to issue-based campaign. They should desist from insulting and telling lies about others as political campaign as that incites violence.

He said Malawians will not vote for someone because they are foul-mouthed. They will vote according to issues.

On what people should choose in the elections 

Atupule Muluzi accorded with VP security details

He said Malawians have the choice between people who want to move the country forward through development and protection of democracy on the one hand and those who will destroy this country and refused democracy on the other hand.

He said for the past one year, Malawians have seen how destructive some leaders are through the violence they have been perpetrating. He said Malawians cannot chose to go back to dark days. They will choose development as they did in May 2019.

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