A mutant two-headed calf with a pig-like body was born to a cow in Russia. The animal resembled two pigs more than a newborn cow.

Vets studied the cow that was born in the village of Matkechik, Khakassia. The farmer who owned the cow had reported the birth of the mutant animal earlier this month.

Sadly, the cow did not survive. Its mother also died a few days later.

The Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Khakassia, in a statement, said, “Such a case did indeed take place in the village of Matkechik, Beysky District, at one of the private farmsteads.

According to the owner, the calf was stillborn and was the cow’s first offspring.

It added, “The main reason for animals being born with genetic abnormalities (mutations) is a change in the genome. The reasons for mutations in animals are caused by their external and internal environment. Mutations are inherited changes in the genome, arising as a result of certain mutagenic influences, as well as in artificial (experimental) conditions. Also, mutations can occur during crossbreeding.”

Last month, a buffalo gave birth to a rare two-headed calf in Pura Sikrauda village of Rajasthan’s Dholpur district. The newborn calf had two necks, two mouths, four eyes and four ears.

Veterinarian Gudde Singh had said the buffalo gave birth to the calf without the help of any specialist. Singh added that the calf was healthy and was being taken care of in a normal manner while the villagers were regarding it as a curious specimen.

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