Chatinkha: claims receiving death threats

By Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma

 I cannot be afraid in telling the truth. This is a chastising of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  political immature blunder …it is as usual long and will need sober reflective reading.

ConCourt Judges

I will not talk about the demonstrations led by Bon Kalindo, which although overshadowed by the expected court verdict, spoke loud and clear for themselves. Ignore this avalanche at your own peril Tinsel Tonse. Let me comment on the court verdict targeting DPP and  its nkhutukumve NEC.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  hear this seriously, it is better to let sleeping dogs lie than to take risky chances in political maneuver which are so obviously useless. This case was your own undoing considering the environment. It has been an unnecessary bitter lesson for Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) , one you could have avoided and should have avoided at all costs…. Please read the times more carefully and calculate your moves politically with shrewdness ALWAYS in opposition. That is how Malawi Congress Party (MCP) survived 25 years in the wilderness,  that’s how  United Democratic Front (UDF), AFORD and other long-term opposition parties are surviving in opposition.

There are no other ways but to humble yourself to a party rebuilding mode now. Do not cheat yourselves or people that in your current form you can get back in government. You need to reform, rebuild, and cleanse the party first from the real, imaginary, and artificial mud and dirt on you. Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  in its first 10 years  in opposition had to deal with far worse cleansing than you are dealing with now. Thankfully and ironically, it was late Bingu WA Mutharika, the founder of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that released Malawi Congress Party (MCP) from its political bondage(a case of ndiwolotse ndikajidye😂). UDF knew how to subdue the threat very well. It was DPP  which uncaged this monster called congress. Sorry you are paying the price.

Free lessons, in opposition:

1. In opposition ALWAYS think ahead using your opponent’s brains, which is called intelligence gatherings.

2. Remember that Government institutions usually favour the ruling elites so when pursuing matters, remember the three arms of government are usually TOTALLY under the control of the current Executive (the Executor).

3. Everything in Malawi is political so undertaking this case was a folly in the first place, think politically at each and every move.

4.You cannot expect the same court that ousted you to reinstate you now, very naive blunder. Someone was cheating someone. Mwabetsa chabe.

Bingu WA Mutharika
Late Bingu Wa Mutharika; believed to have stashed billions in foreign banks

Lastly, you need to mature in opposition, nothing is taken for granted there, have open mindedness. The old man is surrounded by leeches, parasites and scavengers who will milk him dry to a bone. Get rid of these greedy disciples, the Judas Iscariots from the top echelons of party and replace with many talented young, committed members you have. Use this time 5 years to rebrand and revitalize the party and remove the rot stinking up your party. Use this time wisely and fumigate the insects out.

 Do not rush to trying to get back  into government, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is not Peoples Party (PP), and they will fight dirty to keep  power. Malawi needs you as  counter balancing act, to provide checks and balances effectively. A weak or destroyed DPP is a huge danger to Malawi. I beg the Concourt Judges to understand this too (what goes around comes around). Let them cut Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) some slack.

This is your wake-up call to realise that you REALLY REALLY REALLY have lost power and government. But just as President Nyusi said, democratic government comprise of both ruling elite and opposition working together. Bingu WA Mutharika  understood this logic very well.

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