Angry Muslims torch Emmanuel International Church in Mangochi

Angry people believed to be Muslims at Mpilipili, Makanjira in Mangochi have torched Emmanuel International Church after the Church’s pastor, Gladson Njenekera, allegedly drew a picture, saying the image depicts God of the Muslims.

Regrouping themselves and equipped with stones, pangas, axes and other materials, the group descended on the house of the pastor to seek clarification on why he downgraded their Allah in that way.

According to one of the eyewitnesses who sought anonymity, the incident happened today around noon.

In an interview with Nation online, the source said: “The pastor is said to have drawn the picture and kept it in his hardcover book. And today, he sent his child to make a photocopy of some documents which were in the hardcover.

“Unfortunately, when the photocopy service provider opened the book, he saw the drawing and in no time he showed his friends. It was from there that the people ganged up and charged towards the pastor’s house,”

The pastor, upon sensing danger, escaped leaving behind his wife and children.

He has since lost everything in the fracas.

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