Don’t think Nigerians taste food with their tongues. Don’t think they perceive sound with their ears. Don’t think they perceive colors with their eyes. Being Nigerian is being stupid!

There are so many signs that Nigerians are on the cusp of a new dark age. Nigerians are the most religious in the world, yet the greatest religious bigots and hypocrites. They are one of the most learned in the world, but the dumbest.

The number of Nigerians in stupidity are on the rise daily. Their IQ is falling and failing. These and more are sufficient evidence that Nigerians are becoming stupider. There are no real reasons that Nigerians are becoming smarter as once believed. 

Most Nigerians are choosing the path of imbeciles. Given the stupidity of Nigerians, the barbaric and blood thirsty minority Fulanis will continue to hold majority in servitude and bondage for nearly 61 years. Fulani terrorists are killing them, they are calling on another Fulani terrorist, General Muhammadu Buhari to appease the terrorists. How can Beelzebub cast out Beelzebub?

Nigeria is world’s poverty capital. World’s most dangerous place to live. World’s where nothing works. World’s home to terrorists. While Fulani killing spree go unchecked, our most influential religious leaders appeal for calm and call for prayers. While pastors move about with security convoys, Nigerians are advised to pray for security. Governors continue to advertise and sell one Nigeria, their children are in safe haven in overseas. The same politicians who turned Nigeria into pit of hell are the ones choosing the next president. Dumb Nigerians believe the same destroyers will salvage rescue them in 2023. 

Fulani has captured the north. They now concentrate on the south. They are moving in expeditiously everyday. They are making progress. The Yorubas are under illusion. Some are hypnotized. Some are groaning in their stupor. Yet, others are dead. I mean DEAD living. Of course, some are waiting for Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu in 2023 to deliver them.

The Fulanis own everything in Nigeria. Name it. They are in control. Still some Yorubas believe in one Nigeria. They know Nigeria is never one and will never be. They know Nigeria has never worked for them. Isn’t working for them. It will never work for them. Yet, they want to remain in one Nigeria. They know the Fulanis are in control of INEC. They know INEC’s primary function is to ensure the election or reelection of a Fulani as the next president. Yet, Zombies put their faith in the fraudulent electoral system. They begged their Fulani masters for restructure. Fulanis refused. They begged them for a new Constitution, Fulanis told them to go to hell. They appealed to them to dismantle the Fulani NPF and allow state and local police. They said hell NO! 

Fulanis adamantly rejected anything and everything that will make Nigeria a safe and prosperous one united country. After all, they are the owners of Nigeria. They do what, when, and where as it pleases them. When the conquered south agitate for separation, Fulani masters threatened them with treason and scare them with rants of war. In the face of Fulani Apartheid, some Nigerians still oppose break up of Nigeria. But Fulanis don’t give a damn!

What will it take slaves to rebel against their Fulani slave masters? How bad will it get before they go their separate ways? One Nigeria. One stupid people. One destiny!

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