By Precious Mtuwa

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Fountain of Hope Organisation (FOHOP) says incubator that are being distributed in Senior Chief Kapeni will help to boost Communities Economy.

This technology of Incubator its the machine that helps in hatching of eggs artificial at anytime.

Speaking after the handover ceremony Programs Manager for FOHOP Shora Kauluka said that this incubators will help the people in Group Village Headman Manesi Kapeni as they will be able to sell chickens that they will get through incubators.

Kauluka said through this project they will help many villages in Senior Chief kapeni as every area will take hold of the incubator for a year

Commenting on the development Chairperson for Tiwasamale CBO Humphrey Mkwanda says he is very greatful with the incubators as they will be able to produce chickens at their own time.

Mkwanda says with the challenge of electricity the organisation has promise them to bring solar power in the area.

He says that they are hoping for economic development among the networks in the Villages.

About 12 Village’s are to benefit from this project.

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