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ATLANTA-(MaraviPost)-In his capacity as Chancellor of the University of Malawi, President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera at last year’s commencement ceremony directed that the UNIMA start offering special education instruction at the institution.

Malawi’s renowned author, journalist, educator, advocate, former diplomat Janet Karim has published a book centered around a child with special needs that could be a great teaching tool for the learners.

A special education high school teacher the author said that the inspiration for her new book, A Girl Called Gaborone, Exceptional, Gifted, Savant,  came foll­­owing her posting as a special education teacher in a self-contained high school.

Karim said at the school, all the students were exceptional learners, gifted with various and amazing skills, gifts, and talents. She said she was daily reminded of the words of former Presidents Obama and George W. Bush encouraging teachers to “leave no child behind” in the education system.

 As she walked through the corridors of her school, Karim recalls that the learners were all persons living with disabilities ranging from autism, emotional disturbance, intellectual and learning disabilities, multiple disabilities, deafness, blindness, or other impairments.

One learner read book after book in her class; many of the books were classics. His disability, however, prevented him from leading a normal school life, like the ability to interact with his fellow students and other people outside his family.

While the book-reading student had the talent and love for always reading books, his fellow students also had exceptional talents in other areas such as singing, drawing, painting, sports, but the majority did not like reading books.

Gaborone is one such gifted exceptional learner readers will discover in A Girl Called Gaborone. Although she cannot tie her shoelaces or perform other daily chores, she has the gift of being a fast reader, she has the ability to read 1,000 words in three minutes, and she loves to read!

Her parents buy her a special gift when they find this special talent in their daughter, called Gaborone.

Janet Zeenat Karim is Maravi Post’s opinion columnist for My Take On It and These Freedoms in The Nation. She is Malawi’s media professional with a 30-year illustrious publishing career in print, broadcast, and social media environments. She is a keen Sunday school teacher and a devout Christian with a passion for telling children’s biblical stories. As a radio broadcaster in the 1990s, Karim created her signature children’s radio show, Slap Me Five! God is Alive!Series that she presented in three radio stations.

A gifted storyteller in both fiction and non-fiction genres, Karim is a columnist of popular print and online news brands. She currently works as a high school special education instructor teaching History and English.

A Girl Called Gaborone, Exceptional, Gifted, Savant is published by Janet Zeenat Karim Book and sold in Kindle format on Amazon.

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