Raphael Kasambara
Raphael Kasambara convict to serve 13 years Jail time

A man who has not hidden his presidential ambitions Brown James Mpinganjira, failed to give testimony in the ongoing attempted murder case of former budget director Paul Mphwiyo because summons which were sent by the registrars’ office are said to have never reached him.

Mpinganjira, former People’s Party (PP) Vice President for the Southern Region was expected to stand in court before Justice Michael Mtambo to inform the court what he knows about the attempted murder of former budget director Paul Mphwiyo in September 2013.

Brown Mpinganjira as Minister in the Joyce Banda administration was responsible for issuing Press Releases and informing the Public on the Cashgate investigations and findings, so it is no small matter that he has been called to testify.

Judge presiding the ongoing case, Justice Michael Mtambo directed court that following evidence, it was necessary to call Mpinganjira whose name has been mentioned throughout.

Both Victim and accused Paul Mphwiyo was first to bring Brown Mpinganjira when he testified that prior to his shooting former minister of information, Mpinganjira alerted him that people were threatening him to make dubious payments had given him ultimatum of 10 days to live if he continues not to comply.

On Thursday morning, the former Mulanje Central Legislator, Mpinganjira, actually presented himself to court and held closed door meeting with both parties where he informed them that he never came to testify because court summons never reached him therefore he needed more time to spend with his lawyer since he was not ready to testify.

“What happened was that there was some kind of communication breakdown.” Explains Enock Chibwana, state advocate, “whoever was sent to Blantyre to give him the summons was told that Mr. Mpinganjira lives in Mulanje and he did not travel to Mulanje to hand him the summon. Unfortunately, this information was never relayed to the court”

However, Chibwana said “Had he relayed the information that there was need to travel to Mulanje we would have done so. But since there is proof that he wasn’t served with the summons it is in the interest of justice that he should prepare himself before he takes stand”

Director of Public Prosecution, Mary Kachale informed court after the closed meeting with Mpinganjira that he will testify in the next sitting of court scheduled for 27, 28 and 29 January, 2016.

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