Negracious SC
Negracious SC

The political grapevine, which has been awash with talk of a Cabinet reshuffle for a few weeks, went into overdrive early this week, with seemingly authoritative gesture to dispel any notion of Mutharika being a lame-duck president. President Mitharika has used the reshuffle to send a message that he is still very much alive and incharge – that was the only purpose of this reshuffle (surely).By definition, a Cabinet Reshuffle entails a change in the members of the Cabinet, decided by the President, in which some members are given different jobs, some members lose their jobs, and new members are brought in [Longman English Dictionary]. In Malawi, the president’s mandate to reshuffle a cabinet is enshrined in Section 94 (1) of the Constitution.

The core progressive purpose of such cabinet retouches is to troubleshoot policy stagnation where other ministries fail to deliver. The non-performing Ministers and indeed those ministers whose moral identity has gone rotten and turns hazardous for progress, are supposed to lose job.

It is from the above-opined premise that I find this particular cabinet reshuffle of President Mutharika to be a template of mockery to the definition and purpose of the reshuffle.

The 7 ministers whose moral standing has been marked dirty with the K577 billion Cashgate have been retained. These are the ministers whom by any means, this nation does not need. These are ministers who are supposed to be made stand aside, probed and prosecuted for their criminal conduct which has, among other effects, contributed to the inneficiency of our government. These Ministers are not only moraly hazardous but also grossly incompetent. Retaining them in cabinet is simply another crime the punishment of which must fall squarely on the foot of the president by unanimously withdrawing our confidence in him and his rotten government.

The president has, so far, demonstrated that he is not prepared to prosecute these Ministers irregardless of the gravity of the ramifications of their theft to the nation. The president is wrongly convinced that Malawi is cool with that and that its people are prepared to dance to the tune of the thieves dynasty.

This reshuffle is standing on the legs of political consideration other than any strategic consideration incidental to effectiveness of the government and we hereby refuse to welcome it with our cooperation and respect!

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