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President Peter Mutharika promotes buy Malawi campaign

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)–The Chartered Institute of Marketers (CIM) has reiterated the need for building  Malawi as a recognisable international brand for attracting investors, tourists and other businesses into the country, saying if properly implemented money in form of forex will come into the country.

Speaking on MBC Radio 1 on Wednesday during Malawi Panolama program monitored by Maravi Post, CIM president Timothy ngwira said most of the countries are attracting a lot of trade because of the branding and unique positions they have taken in the global village.

“We pioneered the brand Malawi initiative in the sense that as marketers we saw Malawi as a nation is not branded. Most of the nations now are branded.

By branded we mean that the nations are taking unique positions in this global village in the way that they are able to attract investments as they are able to attract trade because of the branding and the unique positions they have taken.

“Kenya is branded, south Africa is branded and a lot of countries are branded. So as Malawi we saw it that we losing out in terms of qualities of resources because these are the channels that investors think can make profit.

So by the end of the day as marketers because we saw as an organization we owe the nation as well, we came in and drafted the concept paper on brand Malawi. We engaged the ministry of tourism two years ago and now government came in and gave a nod to that.

I am happy to state our organization together with government, where government is represented by the ministry of tourism and the office of the president and cabinet and other ministries we have had a lot of meetings this far.

We are now putting together the background how we can carry this forward,” said Ngwira.

Ngwira said if fully embraced, Malawi as a nation will benefit a lot from the branding.

“There are so many benefits because when we brand the nation business activities that happen in the country revolves around that particular branding.

For example if we brand Malawian food, it means that when it goes out there, that particular food or any other type of commodity will be looked at in that perspective, so people will be able to say this is Nali from Malawi, this is another type of pepper from somewhere else.

Which one should I buy? Because the Nali from Malawi will be branded in a certain way, branded around a certain kind of message, branded around a certain kind of perspective that cannot be compared so if a person wants Malawian Nali it will be Malawian Nali.

“A certain thing is that when it comes to investment, you find that let’s say Malawi here, people much as the government has taken an initiative here but maybe we haven’t drummed up a lot of marketing messages around that and probably we need brand Malawi thing to come and support that investment initiative.

When we talk of tourism, specifically is branded in a certain way. In other countries different areas are branded in various ways.

In Malawi we need the same thing, let’s say Nsanje, we can brand Nsanje as a city of salt or a district of salt.

We brand chitipa as land of rolling hills, so when tourists come to Malawi will be saying Malawi is branded in this way but districts are branded in certain ways.

Instead of that tourist just come and visit Mulanje mountain, the tourist will be encouraged to stay on and visit other areas that are branded in certain unique ways,” he said.

Malawi president Peter Mutharika has also been encouraging the business community to be creative so as to attract foreign customers.

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