MANA. Ntchisi, May 30 : Chieftaincy wrangles in some villages in Ntchisi, threaten to derail the national identity registration exercise as some chiefs are refusing to submit village registers, until they start appearing on chiefs’ pay roll.

In Ntchisi, the exercise started on Monday, but three village heads in Traditional Authority Kalumo, have refused to submit the registers to the district National Registration Bureau (NRB) office.

Ntchisi assistant district registrar Jemitter Mwale, identified the three as Chilele, Chithyathya 1 and 2.
“The issue is that there are chieftaincy wrangles in their areas, and although they were handling the registers, they are not gazetted as chiefs. We tried to reason with them, but to no avail,” Mwale said.

He said his office involved Senior Chief Nthondo to help but the intervention bore no fruit.

“The only option remaining was to involve the police,” Mwale said.

Ntchisi police officer-in-charge, Charles Kanzingeni, said he was aware of the issue and he sent officers to collect the registers, but came back empty-handed because the chiefs were not around that day.

Kanzingeni said the chiefs are still clinging to the registers, despite coming to the office of district commissioner for discussions to settle to the issue.

“We are waiting for the next course of action from the council. Otherwise, we are ready to go and collect the registers. Their chieftaincy wrangles should not affect this important national exercise,” Kanzingeni said.

The Malawi News Agency has so far established that some chiefs who are not recognized by government, took part in registration of villagers, and they are demanding recognition through the exercise.

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