MEC officials

Elijah Phompho, MEC stringer

House holds living under Group Village Headman(GVH) Mazongoza and Group Village Headman(GVH) Champhanda in Traditional Authority (TA) Makhwira’s area in Chikwawa East Constituency have complained that no candidate competing for Makhwira South ward by elections has visited the area in the on going campaign for the November 10, 2020 by elections.

Surrounded by the shire river in Traditional Authority(TA) Makhwira, the area forms part of Mazongoza and chikuse islands and is prone to floods annually and its accessibility is only by use of a canoe .

Principal Group Village Headman (GVH) Mazongoza observes that apart from complaining that his people are being sidelined in the on going campaign.

He also complained that the area is neglected in terms of development that has no crucial social infrastructures like a Health Center, Police station , schools and clean water supply.

He made the complaint on Wednesday during an interview following MEC commissioner Steven Duwa’s visit to the Island earier on monday to mobilise people on the area to take part in the forth coming by elections.

Mazongoza said that most political party candidates including independents only visit the area when its just few days before the elections and that they never visit the area again to fulfil their campaign promises.

Group Mazongoza added that as most people on the Island are not reached out with the campaign messages affect their turn out during elections.

He said, “Our area is the most neglected in Chikwawa in terms of development. We use the shire river as our source of water.We ferry our pregnant women on bicycles to give birth at st Mathews Mission hospital or Mg’abu rural hospital which is a distance of 20 to 30 kilometres from the Island.

“Our leaders don’t visit us. They only come few days before the closure of the campaign period during an election and they never come again after being voted for to fulfill their campaign promises. We feel like its no longer important to take part in elections again”.

Head teacher for Mazongoza primary school John Chiwaya also corroborated GVH Mazongoza’s sentiments when Commissioner Duwa engaged teachers and pupils for the school for them to pass the election massage to their homes saying the only primary school on the Island has no teachers houses forcing them to operate from Mchalo township .

Among the five candidates competing for Makhwira South ward namely Henry Tambu of DPP, Lenita Osten of MCP, Fransisca Nyangulu of UTM, Isaaik Odges of UDF and Mary Lennison Independent, none has visited the area with all of them intensifying their campaign in the Trading Centres of Livunzu, Mitondo and Masenjere along the Thabwa , Livunzu Fatima east bank road.

However Member of Parliament for the area Rodreck Khumbanyiwa has dismissed assertions that the islands of Mazongoza and Chikuse are most lagging in terms of development saying if anything people in the area are also supposed to be in the fore front initiating several development project through their Area Development Committees (ADCs).

MP Khumbanyiwa however consented that the area has no Health facility disclosing that he intends to procure tricycles to be used in ferrying pregnant women to the nearby hospital of St Mathews and M’gabu.

In his remarks Commissioner Steve Duwa said it is important for all contestants in the forth coming by elections to patronise all places with their campaign messages.

Commissioner Duwa has been engaging with Traditional leaders, Religious leaders and schools in the lower district of chikwawa to lobby them to take part in the forth coming by elections.

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