Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma
Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma Malawi Politician and Social Media Activist

Warning to aspiring politicians and those who easily fall prey to get-rich-quick schemes, be aware of the many of them prowling the Malawi landscape, as one of them met his match in Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma. On her Facebook posting she narrates what transpired and it is eye opening:

Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma writes below:

This I have to share, it’s a long read but I believe worth the time…….

Yesterday I had a strange visit from some misguided con men who came to offer me a solution for a quick victory in, what they thought, was my political candidature. The story is that these middlemen knew a prolific nga’nga in Mwanza who would give me an easy straight forward win in May for ONLY K250, 000 for whatever seat I wanted, including the Presidency. of course I didn’t quickly dismiss them because I wanted to find out if they were involved in the human body parts harvest trade.

Phew!! Lucky for them, they turned out to be just stupid “chancer” or “conmen”, thinking I was stupid enough to fall for their tricks. By the way, this is not the first time I have been approached for these silly tricksters, and amazingly these trickster are not ashamed to mention names of big people they supposedly help earn victory. I won’t reveal the ones they mentioned to me but surprisingly they happened to have been failed presidential aspirants

Malawi Con Men
These Con Artist and their Perfect Scams will leave you feeling conned too! |

My warning to those contesting is these elections is…….

We are in the heat of campaign and electioneering period. BEWARE!! This is the time when ALL types of weirdos craw out of their caves and under rocks to dupe desperate, vulnerable, gullible political candidates and reap where they did saw..

These include-:

  1. Pay per prophecy phony prophets. These are quacks trying to swindle a penny or kudzigulila malo…just in case. Trust me, they try go around to many candidates including presidential candidates with the same “Ambuya akuti” fake prophecy.
  1. Conmen and tricksters with tall tales and short quick solutions to sure victory…for a penny of course. You will know them by their sweet talk. Their main targets are women and new candidates. These have file of fake success examples to demonstrate their power.
  1. Loan sharks or katapila kings and queens. This is when their trades flourish. Political elections are a big gamble, don’t risk your hard earned properties by dipping yourselves in debt. Only one person wins and it may not be you.

4. The Ngangas, native doctors, witchdoctors, herbalist, fetish priests, spirits… offering juju, talisman, magic potions, magic lotions, black magic, magical oils, spices to treat flywhisks, flags, batons, outfits, bathing juju, to use during campaigning….., rings, necklaces, bracelets smeared with magic oils to woe ALL voters from “mphepo zinayi”…for landslide victories.

Magic lotions used by incumbents to apply to their seats in chambers so that ensure a return to it. The list is endless. Be very wary, less you become a slave to these magicians and end up losing more than you ever bargained for (some have lost homes).


How do I know this….when these people approach me, I only dismiss them after I have thoroughly extracted lots and lots of information from them. Trust me, when they think you are a prospective customers, they talk a lot.

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