Lake Malawi

The rules of 1971 by U.N., cannot be the benchmark to be the tool of finding a lasting solution about the ownership of the dispute currently under mediation by SADC expendables in the name of Joaquim Chissano, Festus Mogae and the list.

Lesotho is holding three elections in five years, because of the stupid route that SADC undertakes of negotiating.

Morgan Tsvangirai was robbed of his victory in Zimbabwe after winning outright in the 2008 elections, and this group of expendables backed the loser in Robert Mugabe.

SADC is a bunch of comrades that serve each others’ personal and individual interests. There is no way Mozambique’s Chissano will honestly mediate between Malawi and Tanzania, when we are believed to be the country that corroborated with Apartheid South Africa to gun down his successor Samora Machel.

Thabo Mbeki cannot be the neutral mediator, when he know that he lived longer in exile because our persistent labour relationship with Apartheid government delayed his quest for freedom, and denied his political father Oliver Tambo, the presidency of a free South Africa.

SADC is a club of comrades not for the truth and future of the region. We are failing to adopt a blueprint of one passport and free movement of citizens in the region that is always shifted from 2008 to 2014, from 2016 to 2018, and now 2020.

The issue of Lake Malawi can better be solved at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) using the 1894 article of demarcation and borders.

You don’t give children to solve land disputes without records of the past.

The DPP and Peter Mutharika must not politicize this matter. This is not a political matter, it is a national issue that must involve all Malawians from all political divides.

We need a general consensus to solve this matter, the only solution we need is a resolve by taking this matter to the ICJ.

Botswana and Namibia nearly went to war because of Sedudu and Kasikili Islands along Chobe River in the northern part of the two countries. Guns, tanks and jet fighters closed in almost for a battle , but the matter was solved at the ICJ. Why are we wasting time and resources for negotiating?

On the dispute of Lake Malawi, there is no second thought or negotiations. In Malawi the Lake is called Lake Malawi; in Tanzania it is called Lake Nyasa.

Malawi was christened Malawi at independence from Nyasalabd, where does Tanzania get the stamina and the guts to claim something they know does not belong to them?

Our political shineniganism of selfishness by stealing state funds to pocket into our personal accounts, failing to keep the money and acquire modern equipment for defense, are the consequences that in our own bedroom, enemies come to invade us because of greed.

What type of a country is it that does not own modern equipment in jet fighters, B52 tanks, naval ships? We are living in an ancient life of relying on Russian Kalachinkov type of guns of the past.


We have been ruined by multiparty democracy, we have just become as docile as a donkey, without the muscles to stand up and deny nonsense.

This is why we need young minds to takeover Malawi, so that we must start to lay new foundations for our future security. Otherwise, with the current crop of leadership, our sovereignty is at stake.

Malawi is worse within, and her borders are threatened too, because of gerontocratic politics that we practise of putting in power men and women who stopped being active in bed long time ago. Our nation will not move forward if gerontocracy is left to live in the stone age.

Lake Malawi is for Malawi period! If we are to go into war for it, let us all stand up and fight for our heritage. Kamuzu Banda never allowed this nonsense, we cannot accept the nonsense. This is worth fighting for.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian


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