DPP Cadets
DPP Cadres are against George Chaponda

Question as to whether DPP has been a party full of nonsensical and insanity followers has been answered. DPP is for sure not all that nonsensical and not all sensible either. The letter signed by concerned citizens criticizing Peter Mutharika is a sign of time that there are people in the party that are not ready to tolerate nonsense and let greedy individuals destroy the party. A month ago vice president Saulosi Chilima stood before God and confessed stupidity is ruling Malawi and that the party is rotten.

Now it is an open letter direct to the president showing him that not all blue followers are fools neither are they stupid. By coming public indicate that all avenues of infusing light and truth in the party are sealed. No wonder the open letter has no name of the members who penned it. All these indicate swords and arrows of nonsense and stupidity are up readying for anyone who may stand up and raise a finger of sanity in the party.

Malawi must smile seeing the letter into the open. It is giving testimony that bad can never and will not subdue or outdo good. Logic tells that silent efforts within the party have been exhausted hence public outcry with an open letter. DPP is divided and cracking seriously.

The writers of the letter have realized that Peter Mutharika cannot and is not going to take action against George Chaponda despite inside vigils and pleadings that have finally bursted out from inside, this is why the letter has been made public. Sane citizens in the party are separating themselves from chaff one by one. In Malawi we have a proverb that says “Death first arrives in the ears before it actually moves the soul”.
Failure to heed and listen to the letter written by the dogs of the house shows that anytime the homestead will soon see the dog biting its own owner. This is a symbol that clearly indicate DPP of Peter Mutharika is going to be a one term party because as the cracks begin showing flaws now what of the next two years towards 2019? The people that could insinuate vote rigging are the same people that have smelt the rat and will not tolerate any attempt to rig for them to have the very same deaf and blind president who listens to obnoxiousness and shuns logical advice.

Before any plans of rigging are executed these members will know beforehand and release it’s logistical underhands.

Malawi must thank heavens for putting sense in some of the people in the party to deny being fools , to deny being followers of stupidity. This is the beginning of the end for DPP and Peter Mutharika.

Peter Mutharika is in a conundrum, he cannot fire George Chaponda and cannot heed to the calls for his dismissal despite the letter’s humble and constructive request.

It is this conundrum that has and is putting DPP and Peter Mutharika in a commotion in  whose result will be expulsion and loss of elections in 2019. Perhaps the infighting in the party may trumpet sense in the president and his thieves to realize that time of deception in Malawi is over.

If the letter was written by the likes of the Utopian, Kampanikiza, Chakwera or Uladi Mussa, DPP and Peter Mutharika would brag us as power hungry trying our best to disrupt the good government in power.

Anticipations are there to see if information minister Nicholas Dausi will refute or denounce the letter from within the party. Obviously it will be business as usual in DPP.

Peter Mutharika remains with only two options; to keep George Chaponda in the government and prevent him from being prosecuted or get himself fired by the electorate and have himself prosecuted thereafter. It is up to him to decide.

The most honorable thing he could have done knowing that he is in such a conundrum was and is resignation as head of state. This is what is called SANITY.

You cannot shield thieves and expect to be bypassed by the law. When the law wipes it spares no one. This is what is called justice and the rule of law.

Two wrongs cannot make one right. Peter Mutharika must do what is right if he is to maintain the status quo and keep party membership intact. By doing wrong and following wrong he is kissing state house good bye.

Saunders Jumah the Utopian
“calls for rooting out of corruption and to stop state theft are not just part of speech or metaphors”.


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