Late Kudontoni on the spot
Late Kudontoni on the spot

That there is infighting in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is not a secret. That president Peter Mutharika admitted that he is surrounded by Judases is also in the public domain.Today, we have been greeted by sad news that the Secretary General of the ruling DPP has died in an accident. According to the DPP machinery, the details are still sketchy. Details are still sketchy.

However, a picture of the lifeless Kudontoni has circulated on the social media.

Looking closely at the picture, one would ask several disturbing questions and surely without any tangible response from the DPP machinery or any other person in the know, one may smell foul play.

First things first; In our Malawian culture, when a person is dead, the first thing to do is to cover his/her face. The face of a dead person in Malawi is protected. A chitenje, regardless of the circumstances, is quickly provided and graciously so by our respected mothers; who so ever is available. Thus the unwritten rule in Malawi in as far as handling such a bad issue is concerned.

This is why even in our present case, Kudontoni was covered by Chitenje. This means the first women responders provided the Chitinje. The idea always is to hide the face.

But in this case one wonders as to as to why those who put a Chitenje on his lifeless body chose not to cover his face? No one should tell me that a journalist asked to uncover him so a photo could be taken. It is stupid in Malawian context, and under such circumstances, for a bastard to make such request because it is total haram to do so.

Fatal accident
Fatal accident

And look at the picture closely; he appears to have sustained ONLY head injuries. The rest of his body looks okay. Totally okay. No bruises whatsoever.   And now look at the overturned vehicle.

In your imagination, can someone come out of that badly overturned vehicle ONLY with massive head injuries and with no any body part scratched?

As you think about that, please also think about this:  the first handlers of his body put him almost on the middle of the tarmac road. Why not putting him on the sideways as would be an expected conduct from reasonable people?

Look ladies and gentlemen, in this state of political turmoil in DPP where powerful camps have emerged in order to take over from Mutharika by any trick in or outside the book, a masterminded accident would not be ruled out.

Kudontoni was a seemingly powerful figure in DPP.  To make matters worse,  he was an overzealous supporter of  President Peter Mutharika and when Mutharika lamented that he was surrounded by Jadases, it was said that Kudontoni and another pathetic bootlicker Governor in the South Charles Mchacha asked Mutharika to give them space to sort out those Judases.

And now he is dead before sorting out Mutharika’s Judases. Is it not possible for those Judases to pull a fast one.  It’s unsafe to rule out that possibility.

For those of us who have lived so long, we remember how the trio ministers of Dick Matenje, Twaibu Sangala and Aron Gadama were also sent early to meet their maker in a dubious car accident of similar proportion like the one which has claimed the life of Kudontoni.

In politics, you can’t rule out any possibility. If mafia’s burnt Malawi Electoral House premise, which was housing electoral ballots of a disputed election, how can anyone, in his right frame of mind dismiss the possibility of the same people from such an accident?

You remember how Issa Njauju was sorted out and everyone appeared and appear not to care? You remember how this wolf in sheep’s clothing vice president tried to manipulate the Mchinji by election by posing his assistants as  MEC officials? These are things that Malawians just ignore.  The media does not even dare to ask serious questions on such issues.

We must pursue these issues with passion. During our time was the trio of Sangala, Gadama and Twaibu; recently was Chasowa, yesterday was Njaunji and today is Kudontoni. Take cover! You may be the next target in the politicians nasty struggle for power.