Written by Patseni Mauka

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article explaining why we should not expect anything from the photo show that President Peter Mutharika had with a breakaway group of people living with albinism.

I said Mutharika is only coming up with ‘solutions’ now because the cries on the murders are unnecessary noise for his bid for re-election. If he was interested to solve the murders, he could have done it long time ago. He had five years to do what he is trying to do now.

True to my words, instead of concentrating on implementing the ideas he presented during the meeting with people living with albinism, he is busy plotting ways to implicate popular opposition party UTM in the murders. It gets worse, DPP believes the catholic leaders in Malawi should also be dragged into the political games!

Peter Mutharika
Malawi President Mutharika warns people against politicizing albino killings

A State House’s plan to implicate head of the Roman Catholic Archbishop Thomas Msusa and State Vice President Saulos Chilima in the albino killings has been exposed through a suspicious court application.

State House has allegedly paid K10 million Kwacha to some of the suspects in the murder case of the late MacDonald Masambuka, a person with albinism. The money has been paid for the suspects to implicate Bishop Msusa, Dr Saulos Chilima and UTM Director of Youth Bon Kalindo in the killings.

The suspects, who include a police officer, clinical officer and a Roman Catholic priest Father Thomas Muhosha, are expected to appear in the High Court in Zomba on 1st April 2019 to enter their defence after being found with a case to answer.

In order to have maximum political impact, State House ordered Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) Director General Aubrey Sumbuleta to apply for live coverage of the court proceedings. MBC made the application despite not showing interest to report on the case and many other similar cases before, very strange and suspicious.

On 11th March, 2019, the court ordered that both the state and defence lawyers should address it on the application by MBC through submissions to be filed to the court by March 20, 2019.The court will then make a ruling on the matter on 1st April, 2019 when the case is scheduled to resume.

Politics is the only reason why DPP wants to implicate Chilima in the murder case although they know the allegations wouldn’t stand a chance in a court of law. Although down playing UTM’s political strength has become DPP’s main activity, it is scared of the emergence of UTM under the excellent leadership of Dr. Saulos Chilima. DPP’s actions show that it’s under tremendous pressure and panic.

Since the launch of UTM, DPP has tried all sorts of tricks to counter UTM popularity but has always failed miserably. They tried to block UTM registration as a party and failed. On several occasions, DPP attempted to force Chilima to resign as State Vice President. All these attempts yielded nothing. It was a pure waste of time and millions of taxpayers money.


In the latest embarrassing attempt to neutralize Chilima and UTM, the man in the forefront is Norman Chisale, the bodyguard who controls Mutharika together with Ben Phiri and the First lady. These three people have amassed a lot of suspicious and unexplained wealth that they are so afraid of losing elections. They know they will be prosecuted and go to jail if DPP loses power.

What is sad about the latest attempt to stop the Chilima train is that the court found the murder suspects with a case to answer. This means they could be one of the few chances that we have had as a nation to get to the bottom of the murders of people living with albinism. If the suspects are left to answer the case without political interference, the ultimate beneficiaries of the killings will be known and decisive actions can be done to stop the murders.

In coming up with amateurish plans to use the suspects to fight political battles, the DPP government is losing a golden chance to solve a problem that has gripped the nation for a long time. It is a problem the same government claims to be concerned with.

The unfortunate plans clearly show that the DPP government is not interested in solving the murders and it’s making sure that the real culprits are not caught, which begs the question; who are the culprits that the government is shielding from prosecutions?

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