Daliso Chaponda
File Photo: Daliso Chaponda

If this was in the 1970’s, at a football match and Pearson Chunga was behind the MBC microphones, he would have belted out “Daliso! Daliso! Daliso! Daliso!….”

Such was the frenzied excitement when the Judge of “Britain has got Talent” announced Malawi UK-based Dalitso Chaponda as third placed in the 2017 talent scouting TV show.

To cup this marvelous internationally acclaimed achievement, 34-year old Dalitso, last born son of former Minister of Agriculture Dr. George Chaponda, Dalitso has landed a contract; he will have his own stand-up comedy show on BBC Radio 4.

According to news reports, BBC Radio 4 said that in the series, Malawian comedian Dalitso takes on the role of “cultural relationship guidance counsellor,” the station said.

During the competition that started last year, Dalitso brought to the show a refreshing lineup of side-splitters that held the judges in the edge of their seats.

On the heels of this great feat, Malawians woke up to another young Malawian being among young leaders in the Commonwealth Community that will receive the Queen Elizabeth II’s Queen’s Young Leaders Award. This award recognizes exceptional young people from the Commonwealth.

On June 29, 28-year old Virginia Khunguni joins 59 other awardees at a ceremony at Buckingham Palace, London and meet with the Queen.

Virginia has been recognised by The Queen for her commitment to leading initiatives to end cultural practices that hold back the advancement of young women.

According to a Press Release from the Award organizers, before receiving their Queen’s Young Leaders Award at Buckingham Palace, the winners will visit the residence of U.K. Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street, and take part in masterclasses at the BBC World Service and the UK headquarters of global social media company Facebook.

The awardees will also meet the Commonwealth Secretary-General, take part in workshops at the University of Cambridge, meet senior executives from some of the U.K’s UK’s organisations, and visit projects that are changing the lives of vulnerable people in the U.K.

We at the Maravi Post pause to heartily congratulate Dalitso and Virgo on their life-changing achievements. We join the rest of Malawians in the joyous commemoration of these two young people.

Dalitso and Virginia have further etched Malawi in the world map. May their achievements encourage other talented young Malawians to make the deference exuded by Dalitso in comedy and Virginia in philanthropy.

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