Chakwera, MCP leader

By Rick Dzida

It is an open secret now that President Lazarus Chakwera’s Malawi Congress Party (MCP) was on the opposition bench for over 30 years.

Thirty years experience in the opposition arena is a long time. Within that period, a child can be born, get married and bear another child.

That scores a point that three decades in the opposition wilderness is a long time and MCP as a party knows how to oppose anything.

This is no surprise at all when you see MCP die-hards behaving as if they are still on the opposition side.

This is the very same reason why MCP bootlickers are paranoid when President Chakwera is being criticized.

In fact, they feel jealousy that others are criticising MCP and President Chakwera when they know that they are the best at innuendos and criticisms.

How many times was Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika criticised for the offences he did not commit? No DPP sympathiser threatened to deal with such critical minds.

How many times was Prof. Arthur Peter Mutharika killed in the social media only to discover that it was fake? Nevertheless, no Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) sympathiser threatened anyone.

Do MCP bootlickers think that President Chakwera is so a saint that he cannot make any mistake?

Do they take MCP as an utopia party that its members are infallible?

In a democratic society, an opposition party plays its role as well. Why do MCP die-hards feel that they have the right to gag dissenting views?

Does the paranoia of these MCP bootlickers emanate from the fact they used to rule Malawi when single party system was in place?

If the president promises something, doesn’t any citizen have the right to hold him accountable?

For instance, it is well known that the appointment of the cabinet is the prerogative of the president. However, without being asked, the president promised people to reinsistute the cabinet by December 2020, dont the citizens have the right to ask the president to walk the talk?

If the president promised the citizens that recruitment into public positions would be based on merit, don’t the citizens have the right to hold the Tonse Alliance government if nepotism, regionalism, favouritism, ethnocentrism and tribalism are seen to be the norm on the ground?

All in all , most MCP bootlickers are paranoid when Chakwera and MCP are being criticized because they think that such criticisms will make chakwera unpopular.

The truth is that criticisms are not a coup d’etat. This is why MCP bootlickers would respond by intimating that Chakwera is poised to rule this country till 2025.

In case MCP bootlickers don’t know, there are official and formal venues for the president to relinquish power.

Resignation, impeachment, end of office of tenure, incapacitation, invalidation of presidential elections, and death are the formal means through which the president can relinquish power.

No social media criticisms can dislodge the president from his seat.

MCP bootlickers, do not be afraid of fear. Especially that fear of the unknown.

Every citizen has the right to freedom of expression and association as long as no others’ rights have been impinged.

About the Author: Rick DZIDA is the social media and political commentator and send feedback to

Disclaimer: Views expressed in the article are those of the Author not necessarily of The Maravi Post or Editor

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