Gertrude Mutharika
First Lady Gertrude Mutharika calls on CCAP women to use divine weapons in overcoming their challenges

First Lady Gertrude Mutharika on Saturday called on women from the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) to depend on prayer if they are to overcome challenges, saying no temptation is beyond what one can bear.

Mutharika made the remarks on at Lingadzi CCAP Church in Lilongwe during the Church’s Women’s Guild annual conference for Mpando Presbytery themed, “Christ’s Righteous Soldier.”

She said the CCAP Women’s Guild members were soldiers of the LORD, and should not look down upon themselves, because they are powerful and capable, through prayer, of pulling down strongholds that come against them.

Mutharika said the weapons that Christians use are strong, but that the women need to realize that as solders they will face challenges and it is at that time that they must get on their knees and pray.

“Challenges will come, but we should know that one day that will come to an end. As women who are soldiers, we must know that we are divinely powered and can overcome all challenges. When challenges come, we must pray. Pray for our families, our children, and our country” she said, adding it is better to reach your destination wounded but victorious, than doing nothing for Christ.

The First Lady asked the women to thank God for the good things He does for them and Malawi.

“There are many good things that we can thank God for which we take for granted,” the First Lady said.

“The fact that we are alive, is enough reason to thank God for, in other places our friends are in wars; their children are malnourished because of lack of peace. We are enjoying good health and that’s why we are able to come here. And this year we had good rains, and a bumper harvest; these can make us thank God. I wonder when some people when asked to give a thanks giving prayer, they have nothing to say,” she said.

She then thanked the Church for praying for the Presidency, saying it is the reason why they were living a healthy and peaceful life at the State House.

In his sermon, the officiating clergy, Reverend Maurice Kalimenda, who read from the book of 2 Timothy 2:1-13, asked the women to be exemplary in their conduct, saying as soldiers they need to be disciplined and keep order.

He said being a soldier require commitment to one’s calling and never be entangled in other people’s affairs, so that you please the Commanding Officer.

“As a soldier of Christ, you must ensure that you have the desire to win, be able to follow God’s instructions, be committed to your calling, and seek to please Jesus only. I always say that Christianity has become difficult today, not because the world has become difficult, but because Christians have become difficult. They are also getting involved in worldly affairs,” said Kalimenda.

Speaking at the same function, Chairperson of the Main Organizing committee, Enelesi Mika, Chairperson of CCAP Nkhoma Synod Women’s Guild, Chrissie Kaliza and Lingadzi CCAP Resident Pastor Bizwik Nkhoma, thanked the First Lady for sparing time to come to the Conference.

They said in doing so the First Lady was setting a good example; that way, people should know that one needs to worship God regardless of ones status in society.

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