Former Miss Malawi 2nd Princess, Mabel Banda, will launch her first line of liquid lipstick on 22nd December, 2017.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency, Banda said she decided to venture into the beauty industry because of people like Beyonce, Rihanna and Iman who she said are strong black women that have broken boundaries and keep making a difference.

Branded as Doll Mabel, Banda said ladies will try out the lipstick shades for free during the launch in makeup booths.

“With such inspiration, I decided to start my own lipstick line, something which reflects my personality but also my African background. The lipstick will represent women with purpose, women who want to achieve,” she said.

Banda, who was once crowned as Miss Lilongwe, said she started working on the lipstick line in 2016 in the Netherlands where she is also based.

She said she conducted a thorough research on the suitable lipstick that can suit Malawian women, saying most lipsticks on the market target white women and black women have no choice but to apply lipstick colours that do not suit their skin colour.

“There are numerous brands on the market but mine stands out because I considered things like shades which go with African skin types like mine. So, there are a variety of shades to choose from for all skin types matte, and they last seven hours without fading,” she said.

According to the former Miss Malawi 2nd Princess, Matte lipstick does not make the lips look shiny; it has deep and opaque colours, and has a natural look. She says it can also make the lips look thinner.

This kind of lipstick (Matte) usually lasts longer than shiny and other kinds of lipstick. There is no moisture put into matte lipstick which makes it last longer than other types of lipsticks, according to Banda.

“It’s the best quality but the prices are reasonable because I am trying to reach out to everyone, not just a certain type of people. I was involved in the branding of the lipstick, I was even involved in the whole process of making the formula which I know suits our skin types and tones, I handpicked the colours myself,” she said.

Banda who was once in the Miss Malawi organizing team for six years up until 2011, said she has not had things easy or got things handed down to her, she always had to work hard for what she has.

In this regard, she wants to empower women by giving them something that will boost their self image as they work hard to make it in life.

Banda said the launch will be a red-carpet event, a night of glamour and fun to take place at Bingu International Convention Centre. The occasion will be spiced up with performances by Rhythm and Blues, sensational Theo Thomson, George Kalukusha and Violinist Lucent.

In addition, Stansfield Motors will also display their latest cars at the function, according to the former Miss Malawi 2nd Princess.

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