What defines Nigerian politics is death of shame. Nigerian politicians feel they can lie about everything, say anything even when Nigerians can easily see their falsehood. Our politicians are steadfastly, almost impressively impervious to shame.

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu cherry picked 11 out of the 32 recommendations of the reports of the judicial panel he set up to investigate the Lekki massacre. He bluntly denied that no one was killed at Lekki. He sent out invitation to the youths to join him in the “walk for peace” after he ordered the killings of peaceful youth protesters at Lekki. He said he would lead the “peace walk” to bring healing to the land. Really? Healing to the land? How? 

For those with conscience, shame controls their lives in many powerful ways. Shame serves as their moral compass. Sanwo-Olu has neither conscience nor shame. Sanwo-Olu in his dirty shamelessness, took N450 million from the state coffers to bribe students at universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education in Lagos State to join him in the walk of shame to celebrate the death of their colleagues. 

Sanwo-Olu represents shameless threats with an unfettered and unregulated desire to fulfill his own needs and most importantly, that of his political god father Bola Tinubu above and beyond any concern for the youths. He lacks reflection, judgment, and respect for the dead as well as for the living. To call Sanwo-Olu’s walk of shame “beyond the pale” is to conjure an image of a murderous deviant. For Sanwo-Olu to be so shameless is to be (from) “beyond the pale.” 

As history teaches us, the world was slow to recognize the danger of Adolf Hitler because he unraveled his plans in small doses, carefully observing what the world would tolerate along the way. Similarly, Nigerians, the youths especially, are slow to recognize the danger Sanwo-Olu represents.  On behalf of his political god father Tinubu, Sanwo-Olu slowly unveils the larger plans for Tinubu 2023 in small doses to see how stupid, gullible, senseless, forgetful, and clueless the youths are. Sanwo-Olu’s walk of shame is solely for the purpose of narcissistic adulation to test the waters for Tinubu 2023. 

Let’s see how many miles of shame N540 million given to the hungry, blind, deaf, and dumb youths would give to Sanwo-Olu in his invitation for walk of shame. 

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