Some days I breathe and it feels like something is about to burst out of my chest when I think of Nigerian government.

What do you call a government that steals, kills, maims, and repeatedly lies? What do you call a government that treats its citizens as battered and tortured animals? What do you call a government that thrives in greed, corruption, brutality, cruelty, and injustice? What do you call a government that wages relentless wars against its own people? This is the face of an evil regime disguised as democracy.

Nigerians are living through hell courtesy of their government. Nigerian politicians are unrestrained from going on corruption binge. They engage in open looting, plundering, and wasteful spending. They swim in excess luxury and comfort while the citizens wallow in poverty, disease, hunger, and hopelessness.

At this time of COVID-19 pandemic lock down, governments in civilized countries gave money, and delivered food and other essentials to the homes of their citizens. But Nigerian governors stole relief food and other supplies meant for their citizens. The world watched with astounding unbelief as hungry Nigerians forced their way into the warehouses and carried food and supplies that should have been distributed to them way back in May.

I feel sorry and sad for the poor hungry Nigerians being subjected to double jeopardy. The relief materials were not given to them at the right time. They were arrested for “looting” and were asked to return the items. By starving the people, the governors are evil, heartless, and wicked. There’s no word strong enough to describe the hideous, heinous, and horrendous action of the governors.

One of the qualities that sets human beings apart from animals is the ability to be kind at heart. The governors are animals. They are from the pit of hell – a collection of “deplorables” masquerading as human beings.


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