Aries: An ailment that had been troubling you for long is likely to disappear. You will be able to manage your finances well to keep things moving smoothly. Being on the right side of all those who matter is certain to give you a great sense of satisfaction on the professional front. Someone in the family in a complaining mood will be handled well by you.  

Taurus: You may be instrumental in implementing something on the work front. Your even-handedness in dealing with sensitive issues at work will be much appreciated. Things are likely to turn favourable on the financial front, as money flows in. A most peaceful existence is indicated on the home front. Those looking for love will get lucky. Health remains good as you get encouraged to resume physical activities.

Gemini: Suitable opening for fresher’s may materialise. You will find yourself better off in a situation developing on the academic front. Buying a luxury item is on the cards for some. Those suffering from lifestyle disease are likely to remain fit. A kiss and make up situation will keep the love boat on course and cruising smoothly!

Cancer: Distractions at work may hinder completion of an important task on the professional front. Upgrading skills may become important for continuing in your present line of work. An investment made in the past may not give expected returns. Tread carefully on the family front as a difference of opinion threatens to spoil the domestic atmosphere.

Leo: Something that you have initiated at work is likely to earn you much praise. Financial front will remain as bright as ever as all monetary worries become a thing of the past. Your compromising attitude on the marital front will bring about a kiss and make up situation with spouse.

Virgo: Closure of an additional source of earning may prove a setback, so do something to restore it. Not being regular in daily workouts may reflect upon your fitness. Some of you may feel persecuted by the high handedness of a senior on the professional front. Your insistence on something may make a situation at work unfavourable for you.

Libra: Outcome of a decision is likely to have a direct impact on your job. You may take steps to conserve money due to some apprehensions in your mind regarding your financial situation. There is much you want to do on the social front to gain popularity, but you may find expanding your social circle difficult.

Scorpio: Efforts of those trying to get into the good books of someone important at work will come to fruition now. Good showing on the academic front will help you in choosing your line. Support will be forthcoming from friends and family for your dream project. You will be able to easily tackle a rival on the romantic front. Monetary problems become a thing of the past.

Sagittarius: You are likely to become popular on the social front, just by keeping in touch with others. Someone is likely to floor you on the romantic front, so play your cards well. Gaining knowledge about the place of intended vacation is likely to double your enjoyment. Be careful about money.

Capricorn: If you are required to make a choice, go with your heart, rather than with your mind. A situation on the romantic front may not seem as simple as it appears to be. You have put in great efforts on the academic front, so don’t falter in applying yourself as competently and carefully. Health remains satisfactory.

Aquarius: Change in dietary habits will be a step in the right direction for those trying to restore health. There is a possibility that your suggestions get rejected out of hand, but you will make your point. Those looking for accommodation can expect to find one that meets their requirement. 

Pisces: You are likely to plan something new with your like-minded friends and associates. A romantic situation promises to get you all starry-eyed! If you are seeking fun, a trip is likely to materialise soon. A breather may be needed to get refreshed and rejuvenated. Setting up something new may take a lot of time.




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