Nigeria is bleeding and things are quickly falling apart. Our hearts have melted down and  gradually we are moving towards Syria.

People are afraid over unforeseen circumstances that look certain to consume them. Our collective hope is for a better society where justice and tranquility reign; sadly we are weighed down by all sorts of criminalities. 

Apparently, our hope for a bright future has been hijacked by terrorists with the active complicity of the government of the day.

We find ourselves in a situation similar to when a father witnesses how they rape and kill his daughter. Ours is a country where terrorists kill and set people’s houses ablaze with absolute impunity.

Our farmers have been killed by government-aiding terrorists, whilst their farmlands have turned to graveyards. Students are being kidnapped by Fulani herdsmen, just as our roads are not at any time safe to travel on. 

Ironically, government officials sit on the same table with kidnappers and terrorists, negotiating ransoms and same is paid without delay whilst victims of the terrorists suffer.

Our present predicament is as a result of the thievery, massive corruption, societal and economic disorder. Insecurity in the country has shutdown businesses and chased out foreign investors. 

Many families have been ruined, only God knows how they can overcome their numerous losses.

Like every other country, Nigeria’s future is in the hands  of the children, but how can this be a reality when a so-called government that ought to protect them watches unconcernedly whilst they are being kidnapped, raped and killed by terrorists? The schoolchildren in kaduna, for instance, are still being held by their armed abductors.

We live under illusions, and our so-called leaders show no concern despite the high level of insecurity in the country. 

These people, who claim to be leaders, ignore the rising security threats in the country and give support to Fulani herdsmen who have killed and maimed farmers. 

The killers even have the audacity to claim responsibility for their atrocities, but with no consequences from a government that claims to protect lives and properties.

Meanwhile, the National Assembly, which ought to serve as a check on the incompetent Buhari, has been an active part of the complicity against the Nigerian people whose interests they were meant to represent in Abuja. 

These days, all they do is to sabotage the people’s desire for good governance by protecting Buhari, a man who is unfit to lead a group of people ranging from two and above.

 This set of dishonourable members have misrepresented Nigerians in all ramifications. They are only after their bellies and to siphon funds meant for constituency projects, pad the budget and take delivery of the latest cars at the detriment of the neglected people they fraudulently claim to represent. 

Nigeria’s security architecture has been manipulated and thoroughly compromised by the saboteurs within the system and with the support of the government. 

Insecurity in Nigeria is a tsunami that will soon consume everybody if nothing is done to avert it. 

Our conscience has been sold off, so that people are now sympathising with terrorists, whilst those who oversee this historic incompetence are defended by illiterate and gullible Nigerians who claim to be majority.

Dictator Muhammadu Buhari, a cruel fanatic and bigot, gives more priority to his kinsmen than any other people. He pardons those who have been terrorising and killing law-abiding citizens.

 Despite clear evidence against Fulani herdsmen, he has refused to proscribe them as a terrorist organisation.

The other day, Miyatti Allah came on national television and issued a series of threats, but dictator Buhari looked the other way, pretending to be blind from old age. People are  tired of this RUGA government, and so secessionists have taken over the streets demanding to part ways with the terrible jungle created by dictator Buhari.

Wisdom can’t be so exhausted in the world that one will go for it in heaven.

Obviously, dictator Muhammadu Buhari has ran out of ideas, the National Assembly as matter of urgency should move a motion and proceed with the impeachment process of the incompetent president on behalf of 200 million Nigerians.

 It is very unfortunate that the same people have subjected themselves as slaves to the executive. If not, we would have forgotten by now that Buhari was president in the recent past.

Terrorists have penetrated everywhere, and taken over some states. In fact, they’ve even hoisted their flag in some of the local government areas. Nigeria is now a wasteland, only those who are not scared of death might be lucky survive in it. 

We are in a critical moment where a father abandons his wife and children to survive on their own. 

The so-called “political will”  is not working  due to the failed system that harbours criminality. 

It is time for all Nigerians to occupy Aso Rock and demand that dictator Muhammadu Buhari and his cohorts resign.

Source saharareporters

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