The coffin of late Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli draped in the national flag

DODOMA-(MaraviPost)-Former Tanzania President John Pombe Magufuli will be led to rest on Thursday, March 25, 2021 after succumbed to heart attack last week.

Here is his inspiration history:

Born to a Peasant farmer on 29th October, 1959 in Chato Gheita Region.

University Education

• Bachelor Degree in Chemistry & Maths at Dar es salaam University (1985-1988)

• Masters of Science in chemistry at Dar es salaam University (1994)

• PHD in Chemistry at University of Dar es sslaam (2009)


• Industrial Chemist and teacher (1988-1994)

• Member of Parliament & Deputy Minister of works (1995-2000)

• Minister of works (2000-2006)

• Minister of Lands and Human Settlement (2006-2008)

• Minister for Livestock Development and Fisheries (2008-2010)

• Minister for works (2010-2015)

Nickname: Bulldozer

Motto: ‘hapa kazi tu’ translated as ‘’only work matters’’

Major Values and Principles: Zero corruption and Time Management

President: 5TH November, 2015 with Chama Cha Mapinduzi

What makes HON. JPAM outstanding?

• Visited Ministry of Finance on the first day in office and fired all absentees and late comers.

• Pulled funds intended for Independence Day celebrations and directed them for Cholera operations.

• Fully changed and revamped the Tanzania Port Authority and Tanzania Revenue Authority.

• Cut salaries of top public servants and increased the salaries of grass root public servants like teachers.

• Banned all foreign trips for public servants and a 2017 central bank report indicated that this saved the country a whooping 47B TZ Shs in one year.

• Refused to follow WHO guidelines on COVID-19, urged Tanzanians to put faith in prayer and do herbal-infused steam therapy.

• Refused to borrow funds for managing COVID-19 and said COVID-19 and its Vaccines are a foreign conspiracy in the process of neo-colonialism.

• As a president, Hon JPAM had never travelled outside AFRICA even for official occasions including the UN General Assembly and had only visited.

• Introduced Economic nationalism and independence


• Made Tanzania achieve the middle-income status in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic.

• Constructed a fully-fledged railway for Tanzania in his first term.

• Improved transport and agriculture

• Created more than 500,000 new jobs for Tanzanians


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