Corruption in Malawi
Chakwera is responsible for the corruption, thievery, incompetence and failure to deliver promises. He is the president!

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Why has he ignored report from Chilima?

Five months ago, President Dr Lazarus Chakwera ordered a review of contracts, allowances, and procurement. Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima and his team of experts did the work and submitted the report urgently as ordered by the President. It’s now over two months after Chakwera received the report and put it on a shelf to gather dust.

200 million Lost?

Today, we learn that over 200 million Kwacha has been lost at Central Medical Stores within the one year of Tonse government!  People are still stealing public resources while Chakwera is slow, indecisive, and sleeping on the job. Chakwera is the biggest problem in the Tonse government because he has let himself down. He has been captured by the people who are afraid of real change and want to continue stealing.

In fact, he has become part of rubble instead of the leader of cleaning it up

Lazarus should have come up with a Plan to stop corruption

Nobody should say that he is consulting some ‘experts’ before implementing some or most of the recommendations in the report. Lazarus Chakwera was a leader of opposition before becoming president. He was familiar with the thievery in government way before he became president. He should have come into government with a plan. And yes, he told us he had a plan to stop thievery in government.

He was partly voted into power on the promise to fight corruption. What is he waiting for? Akutichedwetsa!

The Vice President assembled a team of highly respected experts who worked under him to produce a report Chakwera called ‘excellent’. What else does he want?

Wake up from your slumber Mr President!

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