Kasungu for chilima

KASUNGU-(MaraviPost)-Thousands of people in the central districts of Kasungu; Chima, Kapelula, Chamama, Wimbe, Mtunthama, Chilembwe and others flocked along the roads on Saturday itching to listen to Malawi Vice president and UTM party leader Dr. Saulos Chilima’s voice of hope for the nation.

Chilima store the show in the once claimed Malawi Congress Party (MCP) power house when electorates were attentively listening the voice of liberation from yolk of the present theft leadership.

The vice president who is also the UTM Party torchbearer for May 21 general elections could be amazed with the response  Kasungu electorates has given to the new party.

Chilima alongside the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) members including Dr. Jessie Kabwila, Lurther Mambala, Daniel Mlolo, UTM Party Regional governor ransacked Kasungu through a whistle-stop.

Mtunthama for Chilima

The UTM Party leader who is confident of winning the polls dished out manifesto’ promises of three course meal daily for everyone, free from corruption, pension scheme for the elderly, transformative agriculture, promotion of quality health care and education, meaningful infrastructure development among others.

Chilima’s political stance is becoming daily threat to governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and MCP chances of winning the May 21 polls.

The UTM Party leader has become household name just nine months after his break away from DPP government.

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